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The Touch of Death

Touch of Death - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The Premise

There is little that compares to the arid wasteland that is the lost land of HaríAkir. A desolate nightmarish place, the shifting sands of the desert hide much beneath their surface. Lost civilisations and ancient treasures certainly lie buried deep under the ground, yet the golden sands are little more than a flimsy veneer that conceal withered and decaying hands.....hands that reach up to pull screaming and unwary travellers into a hellish underworld that lies out of sight far far below.

A twist of fate brings you to the desolate and twisted landscape of HaríAkir, where the desert rules over all, along with the dreadful creatures that lie between the sand and the sky, and the netherworld that lies far far below. Your task is simplicity itself, though itís execution will be far from it. Survive seven days and seven nights in this inhospitable wasteland, and you might, just might, uncover the truth of this dreadful place and the dark lord that casts its shadow over it. Survive seven days and seven nights, and you may, just may, escape the clutches of this dark land.

You are certainly not alone in this land of shifting nightmares. There are others who are doomed to walk the sands with you. The eternal warrior, he is one who is cursed with immortality and destined to wander the earth for an eternity and beyond, even as he looks to break the curse he has been placed under. A family.....torn apart by madness and fate, caught in a neverending cycle of violence. A cycle that they do not even begin to know how to break. A beautiful priestess, she seems to be the only voice of reason amidst a broken land of madness and whispers. Their fate, and the fate of all who walk this cursed landscape is but for you to decide.

This is HaríAkir, a dark land cast under the shadow of its hidden lord ó one who watches the world go by silhouetted by the silver radiance of the moon in the night sky. One who holds the land in the grip of an impenetrable wall of fire that turns all those who wish to cross into nothing more than ash.

Never was there a land that screamed out for change more than HaríAkir.....will you be the ones to deliver the change it so desperately needs?

Be wary traveller, and need my words though. If you come here, be sure to avoid the touch of a hand wrapped in decaying linen......the grasping touch of death.


About the Game and the GMBack in 2014 I created the original Touch of Death game. A freeform gothic horror game it, along with my other game at the time, Heart of Darkness, were essentially my magnum opus in terms of GMíing. It was a short lived game but for the time it lived it burned very brightly indeed, with a cast of characters that were flawed, unique, but very very memorable. It was a beautiful game, perhaps as flawed as the characters that formed part of it, yet it was the sort of flawed genius that Iíve not come close to since.

Five years ago I was at my height creatively. At the time I was hitting sixteen posts a day across various games. You probably donít need me to tell you that it couldnít last, there was no way I could maintain that level of activity and that, combined with the level of emotional investment I put into all the many many games I was involved with back then perhaps inevitable led to an equal and spectacular implosion and burnout.

Off and on I remained for another few years, until finally I walked away altogether back in 2017. Done is done I said to myself back then and it was, for a time. Recently though I asked myself, do I still have it? Despite the many mistakes I made, I donít think anyone who was ever involved with any of my games would ever say that I didnít captivate them. I think, for all my flaws, the one thing I had, and could do very well, was bring players into my game alongside their characters and live that game through the strength of my writing and characterisation. That I could create the sort of dark and troubled word and provoke the sorts of emotions that players would look back on afterwards and say ďI was glad to be a part of thatĒ.

Two and a half years on I wondered whether I still had that ability, and, yes, I yearned once more to tell that sort of story. I asked myself whether or not I could do this, and the answer I had was that if I was going to do this, Iíd start smaller this time and do something that was a hell of a lot more manageable than my impossible attempts to aim for the stars last time round.

And so we start here again with the reboot of Touch of Death. It is a small, self-contained but ultimately manageable game. I anticipate that with a committed group it can be finished in 6-12 months. It may lead on to something bigger at the end of it, but Iím not thinking that far ahead in all honesty. It is what it is, a small and personal tale of survival in an inhospitable land.

But, before we start, I felt it important you know what the game is, and who I am, and that is a GM who is more of a storyteller than an actual GM, and one who has failed spectacularly before in the past.

That is predominantly the reason then why I am looking at a more relaxed posting rate for this ó as long as I get one post a week then Iím fine with that. I absolutely do not want to put myself into something I cannot fulfil, so letís start small, more relaxed and work our way upwards from there ó cool?

Iím really not looking for rules lawyers or anyone who is big on strategic or tactical combat here, if I make a ruling and someone says ďyou canít do that because of rule x-y-zĒ then weíre really not going to get on with each other and this is not the game for you. If, however, you like a relaxed game that is combat-lite but massively big on story and character development then weíre going to get on great.

Game Description:

As strangers teleported to a strange and arid desert land it will be up to you to decipher and uncover the mystery behind your teleportation and the place where you have arrived.

Touch of Death is a gothic horror roleplaying game heavily influenced by Egyptian Mythology. You will uncover ancient curses, be pursued by the undead, and journey deep into the ancient and labyrinthine pyramids of HaríAkir in an attempt to secure your freedom.

You are not, however, powerful heroes with the ability to smite down evil as it is presented in front of you. You are neophyte would-be adventurers at Level 0 thrown in over your heads.

Please see the Application Details for more information.

I am looking for between 4-6 players to take on this adventure, with a closing date of Friday 26th July for applications.

On holiday from 8th-19th July with little to no net access
Hey Magnar, welcome back! I still have fond memories of The Hour of the Knife and those early opening scenes... it’s high on my list of fleeting game moments that still have me wondering what the story held. Great to see you back!

I hadn’t been planning to apply to more games these days, other than one I’m currently applying for... but I may have to break that rule because I’m fascinated to see what you have in store.

Hi Rob, good to see you again — and yes that was a fun game with the sort of atmosphere I hope to invoke with this one.

I’m glad to see I’ve attracted some interest at the very least here.

Hello, you seem like a very detailed story driven GM which is something I lacked in my home game. I will see what I can put together and if I can get behind him/her.

This looks interesting....I too said no more applications... but sigh, I am a sucker for a good horror.

Hi folks, I am away for two weeks from Monday so if there are any burning queries or things you need clarified then let me know before then


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