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And the World Will Never Be the Same Again!!!

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And the World Will Never Be the Same Again!!!

And the World Will Never Be the Same Again - Forum


Credit to Robert Bye at Unsplash

And there came a day... United in action, firm in purpose... Changed into something more than human...

Introduction: Welcome to And the World Will Never Be the Same Again!* This is a Champions campaign using Champions Complete, part of Hero System 6E. You don’t need the Hero System 6E corebooks — that’s why they call it “Complete.”

So what will you be playing? Superheroes, oddly enough.

To be a bit more specific, the campaign will be ostensibly set in the present day, but will be modeled on DC and especially Marvel superhero comics of the 1960s through the mid-1980s. Superheroes as a genre are famously hybrid: the other genre that will impinge most often on these stories will be pulpy science fiction, especially space opera, but there will also be elements of such classic superhero story types as crime, mystery, and government conspiracy. As you can probably tell, while I’m shooting for something that will feel broadly Silver and Bronze Age, there will be particular influences drawn from superhero comics of the 1970s, at least in my planned opening story.

Most characters should be classic superheroes of a type that would fit into the comics of that general era, and ideally should be based on science-fiction and pseudoscientific themes rather than supernatural ones. But I’m very open to being sold on something a little different. After all, the joy of Champions (aside from the thrill of doing basic arithmetic over and over again) is the ability to realize an enormous variety of concepts in quirky detail.

The premise is that your characters are all near the beginning of their careers, and have had their own solo titles for no more than a year. Your solo characters have been brought together in a team book: the original Justice League or Avengers model. You are all the superheroes that exist. If you don’t save the world, who will?

Application procedure: As usual, you apply by making a thread in the Applications folder in the Game Forum. I have some information there about character creation (themes, points, guidelines for power levels, etc.) and more detail about what I’m looking for in an application. The most important thing is the concept. I’d like to have at least four players, and there’s room for at least seven.

My expectations: Players are expected to post at least two to three times a week under normal circumstances. For myself, I’m going to be trying out QuirkyJoe’s patented method of a regular update schedule as GM, updating the game outside combat every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Champions combat, being rather involved, will probably require everyone (especially me) to update more often. If it’s your turn to post in combat, whether it’s because it’s your Phase or because you have the option to Abort, and 24 hours have gone by without you at least checking in to say that you’re busy, I reserve the right to NPC your character (normally by having them do something defensive).

PbP works best with proactive characters who make decisions and do things without worrying too much about whether it’s the optimal thing to do, and that’s also the way superheroes act in the action-packed 18-page comics that are inspiring this game. That’s what I’m looking for. It may get your characters into trouble sometimes, but trouble is better than boring.

Deadline for applications: August 8th.

*Yes, I know it should be “And the World Will Never Again Be the Same.”

Game Description:

A Champions 6E game, set in a superhero universe that approximates the present day, but with heavy influences from Marvel and DC comics from the Silver and Bronze Ages. The player characters are at the beginning of their careers, and are all the superheroes in existence. If they don’t save the world, who will?

Voord 99
You can spell it with a “y” all you like, but it’s still the same word as “worm.” And a “great” worm? Still not actually all that great.
Looks interesting! I'd like to check, though - are you accepting absolute newbies?

By "absolute", I mean you'd need to cue me for when I need to roll something. I'm not new to RPG's and I know how to declare my character's actions and intentions. But I would most likely not know how to execute those actions using game mechanics (and probably not even be sure if the stated actions can be done in-game).

I'm keen to learn and play systems that are new to me, so if you're accepting, I'm sure to give this Champions Complete a shot. ^_^

Absolutely willing to accept people who are new to the system, and might need to ask questions. Especially about this system! Champions has a lot of options for things to do, especially in combat. But it’s quite a good system for “Say what you want to do, and let the GM tell you what that is, mechanically,” as it’s very flexible.

You’ll find that character creation is a little on the complex side - don’t be reluctant to ask about anything.

That's great, thanks. I'll put up an application thread and work a character concept there. ^_^

Fantastic game concept, @Voord 99!;

I have Champions Complete AND I love superhero games so I'll put something together for this. Thank you for running what looks to be a great adventure.

OoooOoooo Champions.

Hands down, my favorite Hero RPG but I am worried about how well it translates to PbP.

I’m playing in one now (Vox Clamantis’), and it works better than you might imagine. No worse than D&D.

I’ve made a couple of what are meant to be PbP-friendly decisions, although we will have to see how they play out in practice. One minor one is that I’ve deliberately said that I will need persuading to allow SPD to get too high, to avoid the problem of the speedster who has to post much more often than anyone else and slows things down (ironically) for the other players. More generally, I’ve put together (which is to say, stolen from other games) a zone system and standardized “distances” to make “Theater of the Mind” combat work better. (Can someone please come up with a less pompous expression?)

There are even some things that I think are ideal for PbP. The Surprise Move is great for a medium in which you narrate the colorful thing that your character does to get the drop on their opponent. And I’m hoping that the variety of powers and maneuvers will liven up combat. I play a lot of 5e on MW, and one thing that I do notice is that you end up having to think of new ways to narrate exactly the same 1d20+5 Attack roll with your main weapon over and over again.

Funny enough i recently ordered champions complete from drivethru and waiting physical copy to arrive (already have pdf) and might be interested in a game.

Originally Posted by Voord 99 View Post
I’m playing in one now (Vox Clamantis’), and it works better than you might imagine.
Oh! Vox is awesome. He knows Champions backwards and forwards. If he's helping you along, it'll be good.


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