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Weekend Warriors - Rules Lite Fantasy

Weekend Warriors - Forum

First Thing's First - I work 10+ hours a day Monday through Friday with the weekends off. So I can dedicate the majority of my free time to this game on weekends with occasional bits throughout the week. Because of this I'm NOT looking for players who take the weekends off from posting. I'm looking for two types of players:
  • Those who post throughout the week and on the weekends.
  • Those who post mostly on the weekends with occasional post throughout the week.

The word weekend being key in both those, thus the name Weekend Warriors.

The Prophecy - This weekend restriction bundled with yet another homebrewed fantasy game, recruiting during the middle of summer, is going to make getting new players difficult I predict. This leads me to believe that in order to get enough people to play, I'm going to have to accept everyone who wants to play. So unless you make me angry, if you apply, you're in. I also predict that this will lead to people dropping out of the game soon after it starts, so I have plans in place to deal with this until we get a core group willing to continue through those initial growing pains.

What you should expect?
The idea for this game is for a group of adventurers to get together, travel the world, and go on quest in a fantasy setting. There's no huge fancy campaign arc or long term plan, just adventures. Once one adventure ends, the next one begins, possibly a couple in-game months later or maybe immediately. The adventures will probably not be connected to each other story wise, other than it's the same characters on the adventure (and maybe that's not even necessary).

The adventures I plan on using include: converted published adventures from other fantasy game systems, homemade adventures tailored to your characters, and improv adventures both made up on the spot and randomly generated using tables galore.

So basically, a party of adventurers doing whatever they want, telling whatever story they want, and trying to get rich and not killed in the process.

However, there is one very important thing you should know before applying. Combat is ran differently than probably anything else you've played before. Combat in this game can be summed up like this:
  • All players choose their actions simultaneously (as best as you can in a play-by-post).
  • Those actions will provide bonuses to attack, defense, or both.
  • Total up all the bonuses from all the players
  • Roll 2d6, twice for the entire party (not per player). Once for attacks and once for defense.
  • Add total bonuses to the dice results. If the result is greater than the opposition's target number, then the difference is the loss of stamina reduced.
  • This continues until the players either win both attack and defense rolls or loses both attack and defense rolls.

It's more detailed than that, but that'll give you an idea. This will create quick combat encounters that involves teamwork to overcome, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea (adding to the prophecy above).

Thanks for your consideration.

Game Description:

This is an RPG game using a set of rules I created. I took some mechanics I liked from different game systems, added a few original ideas, and created a rules lite game that fits my GM style.

The game rules follow the generic D&Dish fantasy game world as my plan is to rummage through my collection of old Dungeon Magazines and D&D modules and play some of the adventures I always wanted to play or “reboot” some stories with new characters and new rules. While at the same time run some original adventures or DCC modules and adventures.

Seeing as these are my homemade game rules, I might find something in them during game play that didn't work out the way I wanted them too. If this situation occurs, I'll inform everyone of the rules change.

Originally Posted by Goredawn1722 View Post
nvm looks extremely complicated.
Well, thank you for taking a look at it never-the-less. Also thank you for burying my game with your subjective opinion as if The Prophecy needed another reason to make it difficult to recruit people (see above).

Since the game is being advertised as rules lite and one of the design goals for the game was to make it rules lite, the first response to the game is that it is complicated to an extreme level, which is the complete opposite of everything about the rules, I feel that I may have overlooked something.

So if you could be so kind to provide some
Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one.
constructive criticism about the game that helps me identify the complicated, of extreme nature, rules to the game, it would not only help me, but it would also not completely bury my game to other potential players. This way they would have the opportunity to see specifically what you are referencing as "extremely complicated" and allows them to make their own opinion. Also, if I can see what is so "extremely complicated" I could correct it if I did overlook something. Thank you.

Well i didnt mean the game itself but i meant the character creation seems extremely in depth to the point it was hard to be able to remember everything needed.

Originally Posted by Goredawn1722 View Post
Well i didnt mean the game itself but i meant the character creation seems extremely in depth to the point it was hard to be able to remember everything needed.
Fair enough. If you find character creation extremely complicated I understand. I thought I had laid that out nice and easy with 7 simple steps? Most steps involves just picking something from a list.

Step 1: Open a new Thread [this step helps to show you where I'd like everyone to post their characters.]

Step 2: Choose a Race. [there are 7 races, pick one. each race as 3 sub races, pick one]

Step 3: Choose a Class. [there are 9 classes, pick one.]

Step 4: Choose Skills. [you pick between 5-8 skills, two skills come from your race, two skills come from your class, and you are given a choice of picking anywhere between 1 to 4 additional skills from the skill list which is broken up into 7 categories so it is easier to find the type of skills you want.]

Step 5: Stamina. [count how many skills you have, look at the list, the list will tell you how much stamina you have.]

Step 6: Story Elements. [this is probably the hardest step, because you have to be creative instead of just picking stuff. this replaces the need to write a character background, instead it bullet points the important items that you would have in a background so that you don't have to write a background and the GM can quickly find important background information about your character at a glance.]

Step 7: Final Details. [gear = two weapons, one armor; beginner's luck = 1; starting cash = 10 gold; starting condition = fresh; no choices, just explanations]

Character done! No dice rolling, I don't think there are any hard choices, heck I didn't even ask for a character picture...I should probably add that in there though as I'm expecting everyone to have a picture of their character.

I also ask everyone to create a henchman, that involves; a name, race, personality, appearance, weapons, and a quirk or two. Henchman done!

As a matter of fact, let me demonstrate. We are going to convert your character from Tomb of the Solar Queen

Step 1: Thread with Name - Delrosa, The Spirit Walker
Step 2: Race - Southland Human
Step 3: Class - Sage
Step 4: Skills - Willpower, Empathy, Magic (novice), Reasoning, Persuasion
Step 5: Stamina - 14
Step 6: Story Elements
  • Concepts
    • Wears wizardly robes
    • Outsider: Society has no fixed place for you
    • Raising a spider-ling child
    • Magic is known to go out of wack from time to time
    • Voice of the group.
  • Goals
    • Long: Saving gold for a Soul Shell
    • Short: (chosen when adventure starts)
    • Player: It'd be the most fun I will ever have to plunder the Tomb of the Solar Queen.
  • Secrets
    • Known: Stella looks up to Delrosa as a father instead of a mentor.
    • Unknown: Stella's family ambush was actually staged to look like it was done by goblins and bugbears, but instead it was done by a boy bear-ling.
    • GM: Hidden
  • Contacts - Wise Wizard Tutor, Classmates, Stella

Step 7: Gear: Sickle, Spellbook, Robes; Beginners Luck: 1; Gold: 10; Condition: Fresh

Character Done! Not the best example character, but I was limited with the information I had to work with.

Henchman: Stella; Spider-ling; 12 year old girl; has bow, dagger, light leather clothing; outgoing; respects Delrosa; quick to make friends and quicker to make enemies; hates goblins and bugbears.

Henchman Done!

To make things look really nice, we'd put your character in the "character sheet" thread and it'd look like this:

Character Sheet Example

Delrosa, The Spirit Walker
༺Southland Human Sage༻

ᗙ Willpower
ᗙ Empathy
ᗙ Magic (novice)
ᗙ Reasoning
ᗙ Persuasion

ᗙ Fresh
ᗙ Sickle
ᗙ Spellbook
ᗙ Robes

[Beginner's Luck]
[Max: 14]


Omg i cannot believe that just happened i was ready to go in and make a character after reading the first have then out of nowhere you pull up my other character and implement it into your game i am astounded yes i will join your game after that amazing surprise with this character wow.

I wasn't trying to win you over, I was just trying to demonstrate that the character creation isn't "extremely complicated"

That said, I have no problem if you are wanting to play now, however, I won't accept Delrosa, The Spirit Walker as a character for my game out of respect for the GM of the other game. I only converted that character to show you that a character you created for another game that you didn't find "extremely complicated" was easily converted to my game's rules.

If you still want to join, pop into the Waiting Room and mingle with the other players, complete the entire Player Survey and not just the first part, and finally, follow Step 0 of character creation and don't create a character yet until you've talked a bit with the other players.

I think you'll have a good time if you decide to play. Thanks for your reconsideration.

Would you be able to make a thread for step 0 discussion? I am not sure whether or not I have time for another game, but I do keep wanting to post, and if step 0 is the first thing to be done, then I think it would be beneficial if it had it's own thread. Potentially all the adventuring group info gathered at the top of that thread's post as well.

That and/or set up a poll for which adventuring group idea people would like to go with.

Originally Posted by LDDragon View Post
Would you be able to make a thread for step 0 discussion? I am not sure whether or not I have time for another game, but I do keep wanting to post, and if step 0 is the first thing to be done, then I think it would be beneficial if it had it's own thread. Potentially all the adventuring group info gathered at the top of that thread's post as well.

That and/or set up a poll for which adventuring group idea people would like to go with.
Hey LDDragon

That's essentially what the Waiting Room is without the idea of gathering all the info at the top of the thread's post. That can easily be done though. As for a poll, the options listed for the adventuring group are common examples, which means if you get creative enough you could come up with your own ideas. By creating a poll, it might feel like it's limiting the options to just those. After gathering up a bunch of ideas a poll could be created to figure out which one people want to do, but I doubt we'll have so many people that we could just figure it out in the normal thread. We can wait and see how it progresses before we decide to do a poll or not.

Feel free to join the conversation and if all the stars align, you might find yourself with a new game to play.


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