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Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells

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The Skull Prison is a terrible and perilous place. Criminals of all types, and even innocents who have displeased someone influential occupy the dirty cells of this dumphole. The authority inside this place is nominally within the Skull Sentinel’s jurisdiction, but truth be told, many gangs vie for control of what truly happens inside, and the Sentinels just keep to their menial tasks.

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells is a rule light and old school inspired game of STAR & SORCERY. Space opera adventures, in a universe governed by OVERLORDS.

Character creation:

1. Roll for attributes in order, 2d6+3 for Physique, Agility, Intellect, and Willpower.

2. Create your character concept, your concept establishes what your character knows and what they are good at. Example of the concept includes "Hopeful Mechanic from Isolated Planet" or "Cocky Smuggler from the outer regions". In general, your concept should give details about your character personality, define your occupation, let us know if you are human or not*, let us know where you are from or if you are part of an organization.

3. Choose an Archetype, there are four archetypes. Each archetype has primary attributes that you can improve as you level up and 4 abilities to get you started improving with your level.

The Tough: Strong and good at melee combat. (Physique and Agility)
The Nimble: Fastest and Most agile person you know, Infiltrator etc... (Agility and Intellect)
The Smart: The guy good with machines or computers, focus on technology. (Intellect and Agility)
The Gifted: You have discovered the truth and reality bends to your will, manifesting as Psychic or Sorcerous powers up to you. It mostly changes the kind of backlash, you might get. (Intellect and Willpower)

4. Create a complication, something makes your life more difficult. Huge debts to crime lords or maybe your character is addicted to drugs or adrenaline...anyway, something to make your life more difficult.

5. You start in Prison, so unlike the normal rules, you start without any equipment beside basic clothes.

6. Final Details:

Vitality = Physique +1 per level (Tough get 2 instead)
Sanity = Intellect
Luck = all characters start with 3, humans start with 4 luck.
Credits = start with 2.

Other details you might find relevant, like where are you from? why are you in prison? etc...

* = If you decide to play a non-human, unless they have a special ability, it is assumed all alien species are somewhat like the humans beside appearance. If you want to play an alien specie with a racial ability or power, you should know that for each such ability, you would need one extra adventure to level up. There are some sample species in the book, not many.

Game Description:

Rules light STAR & SORCERY game with an old school Spirit.

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i hope me not pushy but have you picked yet and if so are you setting things up first or what?
Not picked yet, tomorrow morning and yeah setting a few things up first.

Life happens, @Goredawn1722. Or maybe other people were chosen and no announcement for everyone else! :P

Oh, well!


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