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In Mage the Ascension, you play a normal person who can use and cast spells. Mage the Ascension is often a game of magic vs morality. You were a sleeper and awakened your magick.

The Supernal Chronicle is a weird Tradition chronicle, focusing on exploring mysteries, dealing with the strangeness of Magick, Chantries intrigue and the occasional obstacles in your path to discover the truth.

The Tradition main goal is for all humanity to reach ascension. Global Ascension won't be our main goal or objective but try to keep it in mind, when making your character.

Mage characters are proactive, hooks will be given but if your character is the kind that needs constant guidance, you might need to revise your concept.

Our chronicle begins in Las Vegas, where your masters part of the same cabal are concerned with a stolen wonder from a young apprentice. Retrieving the wonder is your main goal.

Las Vegas will be your main base of operation, but mages aren't limited by location and there will be plenty of places to explore on Earth and Otherworlds.

Metaplot essentials: (Everything else would be as assumed by M20 default)

-The old council's stronghold collapsed in Horizon.
-The New Horizon Council has taken over, taking the traditions into the new Millenium.

The Nine traditions, some have taken new names to reflect their changes in attitude (see Mage 20, p. 145-146 for more details on these metaplot changes). This metaplot change just makes the Traditions more open in general to more concepts.

Character Creation

Follow the guidelines in M20 for creating your Tradition Mage. You can use merits, flaws, archetypes from the sources below.

Sources available:

Mage the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition
How do you do that? (M20 edition)
Book of Secrets (M20 Edition)
Gods & Monsters (M20 Edition)

Game Description:

Supernal is a mage the ascension 20th-anniversary chronicle.

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Originally Posted by wtaylorjr2001 View Post
I am interested in this game/story. I have a copy of Mage20 and would love to get into it.
You are welcome to apply.

My general advice if you are new:

-Think of the character without being a mage, like a troubled writer for example. Mages are characters first.
-Buy points in Avatar, it is a must have a background even for one or two dots. Other backgrounds worth considering: Dream, Mentor, Resources, Chantry, Library, Node, Sanctum. Other backgrounds tend to be more specialized.
-Don't try to fix everything with Magick. Think of a way your character can solve a problem without magick.

Thanks, I will work on a background. How do I do the sheets like the others? I think he will be a rich writer.

What is the time frame for applications and when do you plan to start? I'd be interested to apply with a magician - we are in Las Vegas - but I'll be mostly offline throughout August.

P.S. I don't know Mage at all. How much do I have to read upfront, how much would you introduce me to as we go?

Originally Posted by eldarin View Post
P.S. I don't know Mage at all. How much do I have to read upfront, how much would you introduce me to as we go?
WoD rules are relatively straightforward. The difficulty people have with Mage is understanding how magic works. This depends on a number of things, not least of all what the ST expects from players. Some will let you get away with "I want to cast a fire spell, so, as a focus, I light a candle.". Others want more: "What does the flame represent? What does the candle represent?"

The big thing to understand is paradigm, so, if nothing else, read up on that.

Decide what tools your character uses, and how s/he can use them.

Understand what your Avatar is. (Some ST's downplay the importance of the Avatar; for others, it's a big part of the game. (An Avatar is the thing that Awakens, it's the thing that allows the mage to do magic, and it has its own agenda, which may or may not coincide with a mage's life plans. (This being Mage, others may see it differently.))

Read about resonance. Again, depending on the ST, it matters, or it doesn't, but it's useful to know.

Originally Posted by eldarin View Post
P.S. I don't know Mage at all. How much do I have to read upfront, how much would you introduce me to as we go?
Roughly starting in 3 weeks. You might miss some of the early events of the Chronicle but wouldn't be an issue to come back after August.

Not going to say that we will explore all aspects of Mage but the game is friendly to new players.

The big thing to know about Mage the Ascension for this game, you play a Tradition mage, which in the simplest term mean that you are interested, in bringing all humanity to ascension. You reject reality and want to make your own reality. You also want other people to make their own reality.

The Technocracy, another sect is against everybody reaching Ascension. They are mages also(don't call themselves mages and use science, cyborgs, etc...), but believe that ascended should be reserved to the higher echelons/elites. They don't want the world to become chaotic with everybody controlling reality as they see fit. They work to make sure that reality stays stable by whatever means necessary, that people keep following a consensus (like most people don't believe that pigs can fly). They aren't necessarily the bad guys but since both sects have different ideologies, they end up in conflicts.

Anyway, as for how you do your Magick, your focus, things to keep in mind:

-Magick is personal, there isn't a right way to understand and learn magick.
-Your paradigm is how your character understands magick. They have a list of them in the book to give you an idea of what magick represents for you.
-Your practice is how you do your magick. It is how you make magick real.
-Instruments (starting with seven of them), is how you apply your practice and paradigm. Magic circle on the ground drawn with a dagger are as valid as someone pairing his magick with specific musical styles.

With that, you can have many different unique mages. Some people use their focus to copy popular fictional characters and various tropes, but your focus is a fun way to explore and make the kind of magick that you want to do.

M20 How do you do that?, does help in establishing some basic ideas for everybody but you are still limited by your focus.

Great to hear that joining late would be an option.

I am - naturally - struggling with all of this magic... Tradition, paradigm, practice, instrument, spheres,... I know Ars Magica, this seems equally complex, just differently...

Maybe I can get some help or guidance. I have got a rough idea of a las vegas show magician, so mechanical illusions, sleight of hand and mind tricks and show. After his ascension things went ahead and beyond what he was previously capable. Where he used tricks to create illusions, to play the audiences minds before - things went pretty real afterwards. He really read the minds, really crafted illusions, real magic...
Besides the magic show, I see him quite meditative, maybe a little yoga and/or martial arts. He is calm, friendly, generally non-violent.

I see this scene in the showroom, he has gotten used to magic already, when one of his mind tricks just didn't work. The man in the audience he had choosen just resisted his magic. He got back stage to have a conversation. He offered him guidance, teaching and company.

Quick reading about spheres I do like Correspondence, Mind and Time. Although, if I understand correctly I should drop the illusions then and concentrate on mind tricks and maybe sleight of hand.

Any suggestions in what direction I should be heading and what in particular I should read?

The core book is big but would recommend to read it at least once. There are many things that won't make sense unless you read it.

As for your focus, the first step is to establish what you believe in. It is the most important step, as everything comes from there. Some mages believe that they have been abducted by aliens, some mages believe that humanity are gods themselves, some mages believe in the heart of the cards, etc...

When you know what your character is and what he believes in, it becomes easier to put him in one of the Nine Traditions and go from there.


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