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The Fall: End of the Modern World

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The Fall: End of the Modern World

The Fall: End of the Modern World - Forum

Hello, all you nutters. Welcome to Fall, my first time running a game on the Weave. I'm THEChanger, forever DM in real-life and frequent dabbler in Play-By-Post. Just a little while back, there was an attempt to start up an Epic-Level Pathfinder game that fizzled at character gen. I was going to apply, before I got the idea it wasn't going anywhere. But some ideas just stick with you, and I'm feeling a little crazy this weekend.

So let's get crazy.

The setting of this game will take lots of inspiration from one published by Clinton J. Boomer on his blog, linked here. Relevant information will be explained further in the forum, but please feel free to peruse that Tumblr. Material found there will be allowed for this game, as will Dreamscarred Press, Drop Dead Studios, and Radiance House's Pact Magic series – with the caveat that I need some way to access all material used. That means, unfortunately, nothing that is exclusive to books I can't get for free. Other third party material is available upon request and review, and of course, Paizo's catalog is open season.

This will not be a long game, by my estimate. It's not intended to be an Adventure Path length, probably clocking in at a little more than a Module, or a Chapter. Why? Well, not many places to go when you're Level 25 Gestalt Mythic characters.

Oh, yeah. Level 25, Gestalt, Mythic Rank 5. Have fun kiddos.

And welcome to the Fall.

Game Description:

Well, it finally happened. After so many decades of trying to patch the holes, sweep the mess under the rug, after so many years and centuries of pretending that everything was normal, it finally all broke down.

The Masquerade has fallen.

London is currently filled with old shades and ghosts, four odd millennia of kings and queens rallying their forces to take the throne each of them held while living. The turf scuffles between the old vampire clans of Prague and the lycan packs of Berlin has blown up into a full on war, with humans being caught and conscripted to the front lines. A plague of undeath has cropped up in Cairo, in Mumbai, in Rio de Jeneiro, waves of ghouls, zombies, and wights flooding out into the surrounding countryside. A dragon descended on Beijing and rules over a kingdom of ash and cinder. All across the world, the damn androids Union Global Confederated built to keep people from finding out about magic are waking up, and they aren't taking the time to figure out who is destroying the world and who is desperately trying to hold it together. They're just killing anything with magic they can see.

They say an angel is sitting on Jerusalem, turning anyone in a ten mile radius from city limits to glass. Of course, each of the three Abrahamic faiths are saying it's theirs.

You've heard whispers, through whatever backdoor channels you gather information. Supposedly, the World-Breakers finally got a hold of something big, and used it. A 'shard of a previous reality, incarnated'. A cell in New York hit their big red button, and now the whole city is full of monsters and the rules of reality are breaking down. Some kind of hive mind is spreading out of the city, and something inside is looking out, with a thousand glowing yellow eyes.

Some good news, though. Yes, all across the world, the rules are breaking down. But the big one is loosening too. It used to be that no mortal, even the oldest, most learned sages, could access power beyond the Fourth Circle. Now, though? However you did it, whether by means despicable or holy or just good old fashion science, you have so much more. The old shackles have fallen away, and you have more strength than you could have ever dreamed of.

It's probably too late to save the world. But, just maybe, you and a few others like you can make sure something comes after.

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Reading the character creation guidlines I see you said Drop Dead Studios material is approved, but I would just like to confirm if their Spheres material is allowed.

Maaaaaan, if you were going to use PF2 for this, I'd be interested. I really hate 3.x/PF, though. Argh.

This is absolutely mad and I love it! Let me look things over on the forum and see if any ideas get sparked while reading over the character creation rules.

Love this idea, but I don't have much experience with some of the rules you're using (Mythic, for example). Hope that's okay.

@THEChanger I am going to have to put my hat in the ring for this one...sounds...well...epic expect me!


What's the deadline for apps? This is going to take some doing, so hopefully I'll have a bit of time to work on it.


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