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The Dream of Forever

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Vampire: Masquerade

Game Information
This game will be making use of the DAV20 rule set. With some material of the older Dark Ages books being allowed, if you discuss with me what you want. V20 may also be used, again hit me up me so I can judge. There will be some minor tweaks and additions to disciplines, not a lot, most of it will pertain to the sorceries to further differentiate them from one another in use, culture and make learning one a bigger deal and investment. I see sorcery as not something you can just learn on the fly and once learned cast it like it is Thaumaturgy with a different paint job. Once this become more relevant I shall post more about and we can discuss it, alongside other things that may come up.

For now don’t worry about disciplines or sorcery, just think about your human character and what kind of person they are. All that vampire stuff will come later.

Character Creation
The start of the story is in the year 705 AD and you begin as a mortal. Don’t worry you will get embraced in the first act of the game. You are free to be Christian, Pagan, a peasant or some noble etc. Try not to make someone the direct and heir to something big or a highly talented Hercules figure. You make a character that is somewhat helpless, powerless and would have likely died forgotten if they were npcs.

See this thread Character Creation for more information on what I want from you.

I also highly recommend reading this thread Historical Summary so you have more context and a general idea of Early Middle Ages. Maybe read it before you create a character if you are not familiar with this specific time period. I tried to get the most interesting and striking details across of every relevant or soon to be relevant state/power so you won't get swamped by pages worth of IRL Lore on everything.

If you have questions do not hesitate to ask.

First time dm on this website, but have no fear this is not my first rodeo in the arts of storytelling for Vampire or dming in general. To give you an idea of what kind of storyteller I am and what you can expect from this game: I care more about a good story and believable characters over mechanics and dots. If you want to feel powerful and in control or make a fantastic ultimate build for your character, I may not be the right dm for you.

This is my version of the lore of Vampire, so if you are a lore purist and someone that say things like "but this didn't happen. X didn't act that way." than this may not be your game. Because if it's not my alterations and additions, it's your character changing the course of events that could make things go off the rails. To add to this I will take some liberties with the lore and mechanics of the other wod supernaturals for the sake of the story, mostly because I am not as much experienced with them.

While it may seem that I am presenting this as a very historical story with my dry recounting of what happend when and who ruled what. It's not only that. Mythology and fairy tales play a large role in this story, I am not saying much about that because you are mortals right now. But expect a lot of supernatural, magic and strange things to happen alongside the vampire related horror.

Here are few points of what you can expect of the game and story:

Personal story, Personal horror: While there is a main conflict that paints the story and guides you forward. It’s really about your character and how they struggle with their new existence and what they eventually choose to become. They will face off against the Beast, intrigue, politics and whatever else would like to chew them up and spit them out. How will they deal with this? What ambitions will they get? And what kind of relationship will they have with their powerful sire?

Legend: Your name will eventually be known in some way or another, you will enter legend either becoming part of some mythological pantheon or a character in a bed-time story. A legend known by mortals or only vampires. Once you were Joe Nobody, now you are...well what has become of you? What kind of name will you leave behind. All your actions will add to this legend, and some stories can be quite dark.

Choices and Consequences:Your choices and actions will have logical consequences. I will put you in situations where there may not be a clear right or wrong answer, early on these will be moral dilemmas. Losses or botched rolls will serve to enhance the story, create a new obstacles for your character to overcome, try not to see them as something bad, but as fuel for your rp.

Perception of Reality: You are an ignorant mortal and later an ignorant little vampire, you don't know what's going on and things are a bit extra weird. Some things are just hard to believe, other times you are easily deceived. I will push and pull with the beliefs and perception of your character and make them see and hear things others don't. Sometimes I will be a bit of an unreliable narrator. Over times your eyes will open to the truth.

Changing the Course of History: We start off early, before the 'good stuff' of the Middle Ages and the War of the Princes period for vampire happens. This means that eventually you may have a hand in certain things happening or *not* happening, such as preventing the Holy Roman Empire from forming or the Tremere becoming a clan to give some big examples. It really depends on the eventual ambitions of your characters and how well they work with their sires. I plan to let you eventually become elders of a few centuries if all goes well. But we won't go to Modern Age, that I know for sure.

A final note; I want to say that early on there will be no pvp, you are suppose to work together but certain choices and decisions as well as ambitions may pull you apart, and you may butt heads. It can create good tension and conflict. Fear not, eventually there will come a time when you are elders with ambition where pvp may certainly become a reality. That being said, killing another player randomly or without a strong basis is a no-no. We play together to make a great story. To add, I am not out to kill your characters, so don't be worried about picking the wrong door and suddenly dying. That won't happen.

Deadline and Gamestart
I’ll set the deadline for 7th of August 23:59 CEST, now I will probably have a week long vacation in mid-august. It may sound strange but I don’t know what date yet, but once I do I will notify you guys. I wanted to get this ad out as quickly as I could. The game will either start soon after the deadline or later in August. Before I forget I am looking for 5 players.

Game Description:

~Once upon a time there was a…mortal. Of flesh and blood just like you and me, child. This mortal was like the others, for the most part. They had a life like you and me, friends and family like you know and they had something they were good at and made their life from. Greatness…that was a far off reality. They would live and die like ants, as most people do. They were nobody, no matter what they did or what blood they carried in their veins. When death would take them, their names would eventually be forgotten.

Yet, we know their name child. That is because they had something over the others around them. Their dreams. Hope, faith and a measure of dreaming is something that can strengthen a man, make them move forward. Make them look up to the sky and… Hope, hope that something will grant them deliverance from the banality of their lives. One day something came onto their path and it caused them such trouble and worry, that they were at a loss on how to resolve it.

Until they had a dream.

A restless one, where they were given whispers and visions by the one they revered. They spoke to them child! A prayer answered! ‘Heed now mortal, servant of mine, child of mine, listen to my words for I am your deliverer.’ They said in a voice so strong it shook the very core. ‘Far and close, known and unknown, there is a village in the heart of Europe. There you will find the key to make your wish come true. There you will find the solution, the cure for the trouble that ails you! You can become greater than you are young one. Come here, I command it by the power you have vested in me! I your saviour!’ At this point the mortal does not know if they are awake or still dreaming. ‘Be brave and step out. The silver road is open, as it is open to others. Your trial has begun. Come to Carnuntum. Where the Pagan’s Gate lies.'

This is the start of their story.


Europe in the year 705 AD. The Franks are at the forefront of recovering some semblance of Rome’s former glory and giving Christians the stable foothold that they desperately need. The Slavic and eastern tribes have poured deeper into the continent and settled with their strange ways and gods, dominating the central and eastern half of Europe with eyes hungry for more.

The Eastern Empire is facing a crisis as their borders shrink and their coffers run dry. Conflicts with the Persians and the rising Islamic Arabs have made them lose much and caused immense instability within the Empire. Instability further aggravated by the once exiled emperor Justian II’s recent reascension to the throne. God have mercy, for the despot has returned. Then there is the eerily quiet north, the Norse calmly prospering. But how long until they decide to pour out?

But there is more beyond the mortal and known. Puppeteers from the shadows are working diligently to fulfill their ambitions. Not all is what is seems and you are about to find out which myths and legends are true.

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How difficult do you think it'd be to keep up with this for someone who is neither a history buff nor has much experience with the system? Parts of it remind me of some of my favorite bits of Ultima and adapting that to TTRPG systems, but it also seems like you're wanting to run a very (faithful?) historical game, so I'm on the fence about applying.

That said, it definitely looks like the work you've put in will pay off as an interesting story, so kudos

Rules can always be explained. I am not necessarily looking for people that have xx years of amount of VTM experience. The game starts with you creating a simple mortal character, so no need to deep dive into powers and all that complicated vampire stuff yet, we get to that later. Your character learns along the way, and in turn you will too. What I care is if you make a good character right now, not in their stats but in their personality and story potential.

I don't expect applicants to be history buffs (though some interest in it or being open to learn more will be appreciated.) so I created a summary of the current time period to get you up to speed on the state of affairs without you needing to go and read multiple wiki pages to get a general idea of what is going on and what kind of people lived in that time.

While this is a historical setting, once the game starts it will very much be an alternative one. Because of the actions of your characters or the supernatural elements of Vampire the Masquerade that play a big role. Any foreknowledge regarding future historical events won't be necessary, be it of the Vtm lore or the irl lore, as things may go differently. Though those that know their history and/or their Vtm Lore would probably derive more enjoyment of their character affecting certain events(from happening) to see what the result of that may be.

Ah man, this looks like a lot of fun. Dunno if I'm a little to late to the party though. There are plenty of applications and only about a week left. Still, it's tempting to slap an idea up in the applications though...

You aren't that late, come, doesn't hurt to try and apply Maybe you make something that in some way catches my eye and interest...

Oh my, I keep revisiting this ad, thinking about applying. I LOVE the attention to historical detail here. And here I am just having started another Vampire: The Dark Ages campaign here on the Weave! I feel greedy wanting to apply to another one. But I do like the way this game sounds...

Well there is still some time and there is no harm in applying. Would be a win/win situation, you either get in and have a nice new additional game or you don't get in and avoid feeling greedy.


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