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Needing help getting started.

Needing help getting started.

Hi everyone. I have (technically) been a member here for years, however I always find the prospect of playing via this site rather daunting. Normally when I get to game its face to face with a small circle of friends.

Sadly thats not really an option for me now but I am desperate to play something. I haven't had a chance to do any roleplaying for over a year.

I just can't seem to actually bring myself to apply for a game. It might be because I dont actually know how to on the site but I think it is alao because even online I am shy.

Long story short. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting started here? I am familiar with D20 (mostly pathfinder and d and d 3.5) shadowrun 5e and some of the FFG 40k games.

Thanks in advance.

Play by post isn't for everyone. Give it a shot, but don't pressure yourself. You can find all sorts of games on MW, so make a few applications and ask DMs what you can expect to make sure you'd really enjoy it.

The community both on the site and on Discord is always willing to help with things like fine tuning an application and helping overcome writers block. One important thing to keep in mind where Pathfinder and D&D are concerned is that there are a lot of applications typically for those games. Make sure to read and follow any creation rules to improce chances of acceptance.

heya @Malkavianmadman

The only real way to get started is to get started. Find a game that interests you in the Games and Ads forum.

When you say you don't know how to apply for a game, there are several questions you could be asking. If you can figure out what question you are really asking, we can definitely help you with that.

1. How do I build a character for this game?
2. I have a character I would like to play for this game, but where do I post my character concept?
3. I have a character, I know where to post my character, but how do I format my application?

I don't think you are asking how to build a character for the games, as you say you have experience with several systems.

So that would seem to indicate either you are unsure where to post your character concept, or how to format your application. The answers to both of these questions are "it depends".

Some GMs want you to post your character concept in the actual, game ad. Other GMs want you to post in a specific game section of the game Forum. This should be spelled out in the game ad. If it isn't in the game ad, you'll need to check out the game Forum. There should be a section in there for Applications or Character Creation Guidelines, or something like that which will tell you where to post your application and what format to do it in.

As Colin mentioned, Pathfinder and D&D games are very competitive to get into. Following the individual GM guidelines for applying is important.

If you have more specific questions that we haven't answered, we are all here to help. If you don't feel comfortable asking in the open, feel free to PM either the GM of one of the games here, or someone who answered your post here, and see if they can give you more info. I'd be happy to field questions if you got them.

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