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New Person Here!

Hero Lab won't show all the details put into a secret lair in Mutants and Masterminds and I'm not sure how I, as the DM's errand person/assistant, can show my work to the DM himself, let alone enter this information onto Roll20 where we play. Is there an existing 'character' sheet (any game) created for a location rather than a person, so that I can at least organize my thoughts easier?

If there isn't, what would you all recommend?

Pathfinder question

I am wanting to have a dragon (any type) take on human form for long periods of time, how is this possible? From what I can see polymorph only lasts one min per level, I ideally want them to be able to walk around for a whole day without giving away the fact they are a dragon. I am not limited by type of dragon, ideally I would limit CR to 10 or so. Is there a good spell combination, or magic items, which people know of?

Thanks in advance!

Just use one of the types that gets "Change Shape", like the Silver Dragons do.

Change shape does not help from what I see, it lets me use polymorph three times (as blue said) which would not be enough time from what I see. e.g A young bronze dragon is CR 12, CL 5, meaning I get a total of 15 mins in human form. Not enough sadly.

Yes, I know this an answer drawing from 3.5 instead of only Pathfinder, I'm doing what I can...

Give the dragon the Alternate Form feat from Dragons of Eberron. It does require 5 levels of sorcerer, but the alternate form supernatural quality, in 3.5 at least, explicitly allows as long a duration as the user wishes. And if you are the DM, the rules and restrictions shouldn't really apply all too much. It's a quirk of that particular dragon to be able to spend longer in its human form than others of its kind.

Originally Posted by darkhugh View Post
Pathfinder questionI am wanting to have a dragon (any type) take on human form for long periods of time, how is this possible?
Are you the GM? If so, just make it happen. You are allowed to do things that break the rules. You can always say it is something the characters don't understand.

Kind of my point; instead of adding in a 3.5 feat, just use a 3.5 dragon (or just use 3.5. ).
As the DM, you can essentially break the rules if you want (certainly for something which, as part of your setting, you pretty much define) and if you're going to bend/break them anyway by allowing non-standard material, well, it's hardly any worse and probably less messy just to make it exactly how you want it from the get-go.

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