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The 3.5 Fighter Class

I think a free chain or two might help, but I think I also favour giving the first feat(s) from multiple chains instead. And shortening some chains in the first place. If you give a Fighter, say, Power Attack, Leap Attack, Imp Bull Rush and Shock Trooper for free, he'll make a great charger - but then he'll probably spend his regular feats on more charging feats, because that's his one good tactic. If you gave him Imp Trip, Imp Disarm, Imp Grapple, Imp Unarmed Strike and Imp Overrun, he'd be (slightly) resistant to losing his weapon and have 3-4 different viable options on top of his regular attacks. This might not be all that strong (indeed, he could do this anyway but it's better to focus his feats) but most crucially it would give him options; he still has his regular feats to become very good at one thing, and you can always buff him in other ways too (I wouldn't actually give him all of those by default but maybe a selection from a list or something).

Giving him more than one chain would be an alternative I suppose. Or hell, take a leaf from the "F&K Tomes" (a bunch of stupid overkill homebrew ) which has each combat feat automatically progress through a whole chain; it's not all that different an idea. You could pick a chain every so many levels, and each time also get the next step in the previous chain(s).

By the way, "Goad" is already a feat. A Fighter bonus feat, IIRC (though I may be wrong).

You could always just take the 4e fighter class and redesign it for 3.5, it already has some of the things you are discussing, but I would take away some of the feats gained at the even levels to make up for the aditional powers

Or give him manuevers, but you can always pick those with feats.

Marking in 4e is one of the edition's best core mechanics, and something that works a lot better than a simple "taunt" that forces the enemy to attack you. It provides an interesting choice between attacking the tank, or a weaker target but getting penalties in turn. It's also not so much enemy-dependent flavorwise, where a taunt technically requires the enemy to be able to respond to you (Marking instead has the Fighter come in between the targets, punishing the attacker).

Marking also allows for a lot of different mechanics involved in implementation, like how it is placed, what the penalties are for attacking non-marked targets, how long the mark lasts, etc.

You could always add to the intimidate skill, since the skills listed in the phbk are common uses.

Taunt could be treated like an adapted version of turn undead, you roll your intimidate skill as your turn check and then roll the 2d6 +class level+Cha mod for the amount of actual hd effected, causing those creatures to focus on your character for the remainder of the round. Used as a standard action or a free action.....

I've allowed a Taunt type of effect with intimidate in the
considering it makes sense
past but kept it based on a case by case scenario. Never really added any permanent mechanics to it.

The Crusader already got a bunch of abilities like this in ToB (Iron Guard's Glare, Defensive Rebuke, Shield Block, etc). It does feel like these are the sorts of things which should be available to Fighters.

if your looking to be that type of a fighter then yes, however, having taunt like class abilities and the such would then require some form of healing... what about those who are interested in being a ranged fighter dealing with bows and such, like mounted combat.

That's another case for ameliorating the lack of flexibility. The fighter shouldn't have to be good at just one type of fighting. He should be able to be good at whatever type of fighting he likes, at a given time.

Not all Fighters are going to be experts at everything. But at times like this I think of the Earth Scroll of the Book of Five Rings (Miyamoto Musashi) - not because that sounds pretentious, but because he talks about training with a wide variety of weapons. A Fighter ought to be good at using the right tool for the job, and being competent with pretty much everything. A good Fighter hasn't just trained with one weapon, to do just one thing; he's flexible.

Honestly I think that just implementing the Warrior Talent tree from world of warcraft would be the best fix.

Shield Slam/Kick: Reaction, Prevents Spell Casting
Spell Reflection: Reaction, Reflect one targetted spell
Armored to the Teeth: Gain a bonus to hit and damage based on the AC bonus of your armor
Thunderclap: Swift Action, DC: 13+Con save vs Taunted and Stunned for 1 round 20ft radius burst
Shockwave: Swift Action, DC: 17+Con Save vs Prone and Stunned for 1 round 30ft cone
Overrun: Gain a Free Charge attack on every foe who has not acted yet in initiative.
Mighty Throw: Throw Any weapon with no range increment, Flying foes must make a save or fall to the ground prone(regardless of height - in fact the higher the better)
Sunder(Decrease AC with a touch attack)
Devastate(Decrease crit threshold on attack based on number of active stacks of sunder to a maximum of 10)
Execute: Every attack on a foe with less than 25% of their HP remaining is a critical hit.
Invincibility: Reaction 3/Encounter - The Fighter Negates any and all status effects, including unconsciousness, paralysis, ability level drain, ability level damage, mind effects, even death.
Second Wind: Free Action, Recover 1d10+con*Fighter Level worth of HP 1/Encounter

Would make encountering a single legendary fighter at high levels a nightmare for your parties. But then again, can you really say you can take Conan?

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