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What's that Movie!?

It's a Bronson movie, 90% chance it has "Death" in the title!

Actually, going to randomly guess The Mechanic. Never seen it, just know it's one of his better films (though I can't imagine any of his films being better than Once Upon a Time in the West.)

Originally Posted by GreyJaeger View Post
It is The Mechanic.
The original does suffer a little from pacing, which was just slower back in the day. Still a good watch. Remake is more flashy, and while not as good I'd say worth a view.

Hah! Hah.

Oh, I see the link. Mechanic had Jan-Michael in it.

Okay, well, I'll take Bronson and go with his movie that you could, on the right day, convince me is better than Once Upon a Time in the West.

Aha! The Magnificent Seven! I knew that Film History class I took in highschool would pay off someday.

It is indeed.

I don't get why people are up in the arms that they're remaking it. The movie itself was a rip-off of Seven Samurai. How you can get offended when someone makes a remake of a remake? If Magnificent Seven (the original) had been made in 2014, Internet trolls would have destroyed it, sight unseen. The photos from the new one look awesome so far.

To each their own. Same issue with remaking Ghostbusters and stuff, but that's an issue for a different thread.

Now, I have a couple ideas for my next post, but I want to double check something. Did we start making movies relate to the previous one in this thread? Several of the last posts imply that, but I don't recall that ever being a rule.

It's not a rule, but some people enjoy sticking with a theme. Whatever movie you want whether it follows a theme or not is perfectly fine.

That's good to know, I don't think I'd have something immediately that fits the theme.

I do have this, though! Another from my Film History class.

An oldie but a goodie.

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