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What's that Movie!?

wasn't that a cheesy movie about guarding a portal?

I am thinking it was part of a series of sequels

that spiffy looking gentleman in the picture there and his cronies laid siege to this guy's home who was supposed t obe some great wizard

You may be on the right track, but still gonna need a name either way!

Here are a couple of more pictures in the meanwhile:

Nope and nope. I don't think either one of those have orcs with guns or dragons fighting armored personnel carriers, though I could be quite mistaken. :P

It's been four days, so I'll just call it; the movie is Dragonfyre: The Worldgate Sentinel, known during the original crowdfunding campaign as Orc Wars. It's surprisingly low-cholesterol, all things considered.

Anyone else can take the next round!

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