What's New, Preview of Coming Attractions

What's New, Preview of Coming Attractions

For the inaugural announcement in the re-opened announcements forum, here are some of the things have happened, that we've been working on, and what you can expect in the very near future for Myth-Weavers

Old Sheets Phased Out
After over a year of slowly migrating, the phase out of our old sheets is complete! Since August 21, we have transferred a whopping 204,229 sheets from the old system into the new. There may be a few more sheets trickling across, but for all intents and purposes, we're done with the migration!

I still have archival to consider. I realized, after doing some calculating, that archiving the nearly 1 million sheets from the old system would take of 200GB of storage as individual html files. I may end up just moving the code that currently supports displaying the old sheets somewhere external, and just leave it up for the foreseeable future.

Sheet Integrations

Ever since the first announcement, one of the driving aims of the new sheets system has been the infrastructure and the new platform that it provides us. Now that the old sheets have been phased out, and new features don't need to support the old sheets system, I've been able to start work toward integrating the new sheets system in new and interesting ways.

One of the first things that I'm working on is a new thread display. To the right is my proof of concept for how I imagine making threads behave in the future: On the right (or bottom) would be a floating 'roster' of characters who are, in some way or another, specified for a thread. As you scroll down the page, those portraits remain, and you can activate a popover that shows a statblock or other selected information.This way, there's no need to repost spoilers with character statblocks in every post!

[RELEASED] Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Character Sheet

After wanting to make a sheet, and wanting to play, for quite some time, I played my first game of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire on Sunday night!

I apologize to anyone who tried to help me make the sheet in months past, especially if you tried explaining the dice mechanic to me. Once I actually had the dice in my hand, and played a few rounds of combat, I understood it and how it applies to the sheet.

Now that I've had some experience with the system, I'll be able to complete the sheet pretty quickly!

Edit: Since this post, the initial version of the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire character sheet has been released! See it Here!

[RELEASED] Cave Generator

After working on the map tool for a while, I came to the conclusion that I needed to learn quite a bit more about the HTML Canvas and, in general, graphics programming. Both are subjects I have very little experience in, so I've set about doing some demos and experiments so that I might learn the skills needed to actually succeed with the mapper.

I've decided to do some slight polishing and release one of these as a demo of what a future Dungeon Generator might look like.

Here's a first look at a new Cave Generator

Our current generator, http://www.myth-weavers.com/generate_dungeon.php, is based off of code written by Jamis Buck many, many years ago. It does a great job of letting the user configure the parameters, generating structure-like dungeons, and especially of filling in the dungeons with encounters and loot. Its limitation is that it's essentially stuck as a grid-based maze generator, and is totally uneditable.

This demo takes a more organic, cave-based approach. Though it is also capable of generating grid-based rooms and halls, I haven't added those into the demo yet. Additionally, it's user-editable - so you can get something randomly generated that's close enough to be workable, and then tweak it as needed.

Eventually, this might supersede the existing generator!

Edit: Since this post, the initial version of the generator has been released! See it Here!

[IN TESTING] User-Defined Autocalc

User-Defined Autocalc is a feature that has been requested for some time, and something I've also wanted to add since before the first demo of the new sheets system.

As part of another project, still not ready for announcement, I wrote a simple math expression parser. I realized this was one of the still-missing prerequisites to implement User-Defined Autocalc, and, with a simple way to see and identify the name of any field a sheet, this can be combined with the Autocalc engine in the new sheets system to allow more customization.

In the next few weeks, we'll be rolling out user-defined autocalc to our Community Supporters - Eventually it'll reach the entire userbase but in its initial incarnation, there's a good amount of potential for breakage and we need for the sample group to be small.

New Staff Member: Greycloak
You probably already know him from around the boards and as the Head GM for Myth-Weavers Pathfinder Society Chapter, but we'd like to re-introduce him as the newest member of our Myth-Weavers Staff!

He'll be helping us as we continue to move forward both with our tools, and with bringing the community together.

Myth-Weavers Shop
As promised some time ago in our Community Supporter Announcement, I've finally built us a little Amazon Store!

Here it is, the Myth-Weavers Shop

I've stocked it with the basics, and we even have items written by your fellow Myth-Weavers available in our, Written by Weavers section of the Shop!
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Very cool stuff. I'd like to make use of the generators. I'd check out the store, but I'm in Canada so I default to Amazon.ca.

@Krimson, you say you default to Amazon.ca, if I copy and past the address to the shop to you, could you manually enter it to take you to the site?

Unfortunately I don't think url-hacking the domain to amazon.ca will work - I just tried it. It seems they're totally separate systems and they probably require that I have a canadian address and pay canadian taxes (I don't).

ah, well thats to bad. if you have friends you trust in the USA, have them buy you stuff as a gift from the site then Krimson, then when you get the product and receipt, just send them some money!

We can order from Amazon.com, but then there's no free shipping, and we have to pay customs... I made that mistake once, I won't ever do it again.

Is there still a thread to suggest new items for the store? Because my next book is releasing on 9/18 and is currently in pre-order.


It'll be 99 cents until the 26th, if that interests anyone.

Originally Posted by DirgeSheverish View Post
ah, well thats to bad. if you have friends you trust in the USA, have them buy you stuff as a gift from the site then Krimson, then when you get the product and receipt, just send them some money!
Well if I ever need to stealth gift an American friend then I am there. I can use Amazon in the US but right now with our dollar it's not worth it.


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