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Originally Posted by Chee View Post
Ehhh. Buying a stunt off a different Mantle doesn't necessarily mean you are intending to take on that Mantle, though. I think a lot of that plays into aspects and justification.

Like, you have a Magical Practitioner who starts buying Red Court Conditions and stunts isn't necessarily becoming a Red Court Vampire. Not saying that can't be the case, but that depends on how you are justifying what you buy. You could buy the Hunger Condition, Vamperic Strength and Recovery, and describe that as Blood magic. Or he is implanting himself with a vamperic hunger that gives him super strength and can speed up his healing.
Those examples sound to me like great fodder for the creation of custom Mantles, using existing Conditions and Stunts as a baseline / shortcut / inspiration.

I'm speaking out of ignorance here because I don't have access to DFA (and am uncertain how to until it comes out), but I do know a little about Fate.

As to the changing/gaining mantles discussion, what about going into debt? Could a GM just say that if, for instance, you're a White Court Vamp and gain Winter Knight, you have to spend your next stunt, aspect, refresh, etc. advancements on meeting the requirements of any outstanding mantles you haven't yet paid for? I feel like that would make a nice mechanically-supported narrative of gaining and then coming into a new power source.

There's nothing in the PDF itself for that kind of thing (there's actually a whole new mechanic for in-universe Debt, and I thought you were talking about that for a second), but that could definitively be a solution in some tables.

I don't know if it's overpowered to get all the features of a new mantle without the cost, even if it's only temporarily.

Alternatively I was thinking that in the case of "mantle debt" you could gain the story authority of a new mantle but probably not all the powers/consequences/mechanics until you pay for them. This may work for mantles in which there is an "apprentice" or intermediary period. E.g. some practitioners are clearly more talented than others, newly minted vampires are more powerful than older ones, etc.

Obviously, some of these would be easier to handle this way than others.

If I was going to go that route (you can get the whole Core package without having to pay in full up front) I A) probably still wouldn't charge for the detrimental conditions and B) would probably exact a higher price than simply mandatory future payments.
Free compels and/or invokes per session, against an appropriate aspect, of a number equal to the remaining outstanding debt, for instance.

Refresh debt should not be pleasant.

Originally Posted by Tedronai View Post
Refresh debt should not be pleasant.
I don't think that's unreasonable.

I have Fate Core/Accelerated and DFRPG. Just not the new Dresden Accelerated. Best I understand it, it was due out 2014, but considering the current year I don't know when to expect it now.

A 2014 release was...overly optimistic on their part.
Evil Hat now puts the release date sometime in June of this year. Given that the current digital version in the hands of backers is only really missing a bit of art here and there, an index, and other minor details, I have no reason to suspect it'll be much off that mark if at all.

I mean, either of those two examples could be a a new Mantle, sure. To me, his main/core/primary Mantle never changed. The character is a Magical Practitioner, he just adds on some unique bits. That's how the book's sheets for the various Wizards handle things.


A side thought about the 'WCV + KoW' and getting the detrimental Conditions for free thing. I, personally, feel like the system works. If you want to be two full things, you get one for free and you pay for the other. But as an alternative, what if you played refreshless? You just flat get whatever Mantle and stunts your Aspects justify you for?

Chee, you're missing the point that the current system allows you to get the benefit of two mantles if you pay for the second one, but you don't get the second one's weaknesses. That's what Tedronai and I have been complaining about, not the fact that you have to pay to get an additional mantle's powers, but that you don't get that second mantle's weaknesses when you do so.

Except that I am not missing the point, that is totally an allowable thing and is supported by the book's NPCs. Carlos has the Followers track, but didn't have to take the Disfavored Condition. However, he doesn't /have/ the Leader of the People Mantle. You can't even claim that he does, unless he buys the whole base unit, which includes the 'weakness'. All the things he buys get linked into his current source of power, that of him having the Mantle of Magical Practitioner.

You don't 'get' the second Mantle and unless you buy the whole thing, which includes weaknesses. You can't say you are the Winter Knight unless you have everything that is on that Mantle, Impaled by Iron included.

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