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Roll icon in quick rely?

Roll icon in quick rely?

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I'm new to this site and have been asked to consider moving my game here from another forum.
I can't understand why you don't have a dice rolling icon in the quick rely box menu? It's only in the advanced reply. 99% of my gaming is from mobile phone, and cut and pasting and accessing templates is a real bearch. Am I missing something? Can I customise the quick reply menu in my game like I can do in other PBP sites?

You can write your own Macro's to do that, but I believe you need to be a Community Supporter. You're right that the site isn't super mobile friendly, though, for anything beyond text. I try not to post from my phone if I can help it.

A reminder, you can always type the BB code manually. This is unfortunately made more difficult by the fact that most mobile keyboard OS's hide the "[" and "]" down in symbol menus.

I tweaked my phone's autocorrect so I can use shorthand for certain tags (spoiler, dice, my preferred IC speaking format, etc.)

That's a decent idea. I'll look into that myself. Thanks for the suggestion, Bobcloclimar!

Well, there's a fair amount of space left at the top of the quick reply bar. Maybe we could add that and a couple of other commonly used buttons. I'm still happy with the macro drop down that was added.

Maybe I'll m missing something, but I don't see a macro button?

It's a Community Supporter thing. I believe such folks need to set up the macros in their Control Panel.

Originally Posted by PolkaBear View Post
It's a Community Supporter thing. I believe such folks need to set up the macros in their Control Panel.
Indeed. It lets me do this sort of thing with just two clicks. Super nice.

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