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Running out of names

Running out of names

I'm working on a custom world for a campaign I'm starting up soon and I'm running out of names for towns. I'm burning out so I'm turning to you wonderful folk to help me out. Ideas? Thanks in advance!

[Insert person's name here]burg, or [insert trading commodity here]ton, or New [insert large, settled city's name here].

Think of a topographical feature add Town to it.

Portland Oregon used to be known as Stumptown.

Also don't forget to name towns after the people who made them

Grab an Elf or Dwarf name, rewrite it phonetically, and make that the Common-language name. So says the guy from "Michigan."

It's worth taking the time to come up with words for "town," "castle/fortress," "river," etc. in different languages in your setting and applying them consistently to appropriate regions.

So in England, a lot of placenames end with -ton, -chester, or -borough, and in Ireland a lot of places begin with Bally- or Dun-.

So in Elvish, the word for town is "Riel," and is always at the beginning as a separate word: Riel Taro, Riel Thien, Riel Lonas...

In Dwarvish, it's "borag," and is always at the end of the word: Azborag, Werborag, Hetagborag...

This will both speed up the process of inventing new names, and make the world feel more consistent.

That's some good advice right there. You can also just pull up google earth and give the ball a spin and just pick actual names from some place. No need to reinvent the wheel every time.


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