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Any thoughts and suggestions on this Alchemist build?

Any thoughts and suggestions on this Alchemist build?

Okay so Noort is a Goblin alchemist (Winged Marauder/Grenadier) At level 9. She's being doing fairly well but I'd like suggestions on where to take her enxt (Maybe a dip in some other class?) Or opinions on the build as it is.

HP 81 / Speed ft Init 9
AC 23 Fort 9 Ref 15 Will 5
CMB +4/-1 BAB 6/1
Str 8 (-1) Dex 24 (7) Con 12 (1) Wis 10 (0) Int 22 (6) Cha 7 (-2)

Her discoveries include: Infusions; Explosive Missile; Tumor familiar; Frost Bombs

He feats are: Mounted Combat; Point-blank shot; Precise-shot; Extra discovery(wings) Far shot.

She's equipped with a conductive longbow +1 that also has a homebrewed minor enchantment that does not count toward regular enchantment bonuses. It adds 1d4 ligthing damage.

Her current modus operandi is sniping, spending the first rounds of combat looking for a stealthy position from were to fire.
She's a bomber alchemist focused on dealing the most damage to a single person.
Her tumor familiar spends most of its time Delivering infusions to the party in case of need or Buffing Noort helfself using its action to make her drink the infusion.

Firing from 200 feet away her attack looks ike this
Attack bonus +15 (Can have other higher bonuses depending on ingested infusions)
Damage 10d6 Fire damage+ 1d6 bow damage + 1d4 ligthing damage +1 Enchantment bonus damage +12 INT bonus damage. More damage and effects can be stacked depensing on avaible alchemichal items that can be also infused to the same arrow thanks to the grenadier archetype. This attack consumes 3 daily usages of the bombs.
She can commonly use targeted bomb admixture that will bump that INT bonus damage to 18.

Now that she has wings of her own the Dire bat animal companion is feeleing rather useless besides being a mount and a pack mule. Any ideas to make him a valuable member of the team again? also any other suggestion is welcome

Hp is 81 becuase the game is rather high difficulty and we're using the full numer of the die as hp progression each level

Personally, I would avoid a dip for a grenadier since every level either increases the DC or the damage of the bombs.

You could retrain wings for holy bombs. At your level, you will start running into to evil outsiders and other evil creatures that have good energy resistances and damage reduction. Good divine damage and a chance to stagger the target for 1 round is always good.

Or you could retrain wings for preserve organs. Then at 10th level, you could take mummification. Immunity to cold, non-lethal damage, paralysis, & sleep .

Considering ti but we do have to deal with many flying enemies and battles atop airships. A fly speed of my own, even if it is limited to minutes per day is pretty necessary for me to get to the sniping distances that make the build work as I intended it. I was thinking on retraining mounted combat. But again, I don't want to make the companion 100% useless and that could save its hide in a surprise combat that comes while I'm riding it as a mount to travel

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