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Maps, combats, and encounters

Maps, combats, and encounters

How do most of you deal with combats, maps, encounters and the like?

I am looking to run a play by post Pathfinder Society game. Decided to use Myth-Weavers as I have some experience here, however none of my PBP games have ever had maps in them (something Society requires). Suggestions?

There's two ways I've used in the past to handle maps. 1) create an image of the map and upload either here or via image hosting site. Or 2) us Roll20 and create a map and basic tokens for your PCs. The later is usually easier in the long haul, as your PCs can move their characters easily, but the learning curve from the GM side can be a little rough to start.

That said, I know nothing of PFS (I like my homebrew too much), so I'm not sure how enforced the maps really are... You might be able to get away without using them.

You could use a Google Drawing too - it means that players can move tokens around themselves. Like this one.

If you're running PFS scenarios, the maps themselves are provided right? You just need to move tokens around. Roll 20 is a good way to do that, then take screenshots. Maptools can work as well, it's higher powered but harder to use. Then there's always GIMP or Photoshop.

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