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Battle royale with LOOOOADS OF CHEESE

Battle royale with LOOOOADS OF CHEESE

Okay so me and my gaming group are doing a pathfinder free for all battle with lvl 20 gestalt build and a budget of 880k gold. A full on fight club for min maxers.

Our rules are simple:
Core races only
All paizo published material compatible with core races for classes, feats items et cetera
25 point buy.

I decided to go with something very MAD but that seems to work so far with what I have built.
Skald/alchemist[Preservationist/Promethean alchemist] Went with half-or for race.

What I have here is a mostly done (apparently) build that I'd love if you lovely people were to dissect and tear apart to see if it would have achance in this battle fr the ages.

Before sharing the sheets Here's what I know of my 3 contenders:
1. I'm 10000% sure he's going barbarian/druid for his gestalt, that's how he rolls
2. #2 is our resident Edgy character factory. I'm fairly certain he's doing sth undead related, most likely an Anti-Oradin
3. Is an absolute wildcard.

Without further ado here's my build:
Main character

Prmethean alchemsit companion

The main gimmick here is that through the Planar preservationist feat and the combine extracts discovery I can, in asingle standart action summon nature's ally and summon monster IX

the battle plan so far is to go with a trumpet archon, becuase it is a CL 14 caster and 1d3+1 Elder aether elementals to to the physical aprt of it.

The construct is an absolute glass cannon that if my maths are correct will deal 7d6+250 on a pounce attack.

My character will be behind construct, elementals and archon doing some spellcasting and raging them.


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