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Ethics in Playing D&D and PF

If Y successfully Bluffed the party into thinking that he didn't know there was a trap there, X should've gone along with it IC but had an OOC discussion about what a "not nice" move it was.

Y is at fault for causing the scenario in the first place, and therefore bears 98% of the blame.

It doesn't matter who is to blame, but who is responsible for fixing it. Whether X or Y is more at fault won't address the problem. What will make things better is to figure out who can help, and the answer to that is everyone.

Player Y can continue to try to make it up to X. Player X can put some effort to accept that it wasn't personal. The other players should encourage both X and Y to play nice and have fun. The DM can work with all the players to set expectations in regards to pranking each other and other related matters to learn from, and not repeat the same mistake.

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"I Win" buttons are boring. And a cheerful willingness to kill as many people as I have to, as long as one of them is the enemy, is an I win button.

This needs to be siged.

May I sig this?



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