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Pathfinder 2nd Edition is coming to Playtest!

Anyone who thought Paizo was doing it for the love of the game unlike those evil money grubbers at Wizards has clearly not been paying attention at all, so I doubt that this will convince them either.

As far as 2e goes. One, it's about time. Two, I'll bet there will be things I like, things I'm confused by, and things I dislike. Three, it probably won't fix any of my main gripes about PF (Note that these are things that could be changed without making PF fundamentally different, that kind of stuff is a whole other set of complaints about D&D type games in general) Those are; Too many abilities that would be cool and useful if they weren't 1/day (rogue talents are infamously iconic of this problem), too many silly racial feats that have no reason to be racial and the closely related feats restricted to a specific weapon without any real reason (aldori dueling sword is the poster child for this), overly picky rules over what exactly is an attack action and exactly what attack abilities stack or don't stack (actually, this one MIGHT get fixed, now that I think about it).

I also expect there will be much stronger backlash in the future.
However, since I'm done with d20 games, excepted some OSR titles most of which are d6-only, I'm merely stocking on popcorn.

So I guess there's a podcast of the new edition being played by Glass Cannon - link? (sorry if link doesn't work - can't follow it on work filters)

From the comments on the PF subreddit of this podcast, I'm seeing some interesting changes so far. The big one being action economy - everyone gets 3 actions and a reaction every round. Some moves will take more actions than others (like charging costs 2 actions, casting some spells will cost more or less, depending on components).

Currently cautiously optimistic. It sounds like they're trying to close the martial/caster disparity, but we'll see how that goes...

Originally Posted by Podcast summary by LevtheRed on Reddit
Initiative changes - what you roll for initiative depends on what you declare you are doing before combat. if you arent looking for or prepared for combat, you roll perception. you can also roll, depending on what youre doing, stealth or survival. you dont have a dedicated initiative anymore

Perception seems like it's no longer a skill, but rather have a class-inherent bonus to it that raises as you level (i dont know how I feel about this). I may have been was wrong. It seems like it's still a skill, but you also have a base, passive Perception.

In combat, you get to do "any 3 actions".

You can make as many attacks as you want, up to 3, but you take a penalty for subsequent attacks. No move actions, or standard actions, or half-actions. Most spells cost 2 actions. attacking, moving, and drawing a weapon take 1 action.

Every character gets a "reaction" that can take place between the "start of their turn and the start of their next turn".

Spell components are still a thing, as is Acid Splash (although it's now an AOE spell that doesn't require an attack roll). Attack rolls still exist for some spells.

Charge still exists. Costs 2 actions and comes with an attack at its end.

CMB and CMD no longer exist. Instead, you roll Athletics.

AC still exists.

Knowledge checks still exist, including Arcana, Religion. Acrobatics, Athletics still exist.

Shields no longer give a flat AC bonus. Instead, you spend 1 action to ready it, giving you its AC bonus and an extra reaction. (I like this, in theory)

You can spend Reactions to do various things. For example, "Nimble Dodge" gives you an AC bonus vs a single melee attack. Fighters get a lot of Reaction options.

Class feats still exist. Every class gets them, and most (all?) get options. For example, the Paladin gets one that lets them boost the strength of their Lay On Hands (becomes a d6 instead of a d4).

The Cleric gets a number of free Heal spells per day. They can use it different ways by spending different numbers of actions. 1 actions for 1 person at touch-range, 2 for 1 person at a distance, 3 for everyone in a radius.

"Expert Quality" weapons give a +1 to attack. "Master Quality" give a +2. Most equipment is "Common quality", providing no bonus. "Poor quality" exists as well. So does "Legend", which gives a +3.

Illusion magic can fool Detect Magic, especially if it's cast by someone of a higher level than the "detector".

Basic money is still the same. Coppers, silvers, and golds.

(These people stay on topic way better than my group does).

You now get HP from Race as well as class. Still modified by CON. This is right from Starfinder. The fighter had 19 HP at lvl1. "Stamina" (your first health pool in SF) has not been mentioned, so idk if they completely carried the system over.

Injury conditions exist. One of the characters "Fumbled" an acrobatics roll, missing it by 10 or more and sprained their ankle, gaining "Hampered 5", which reduced their base speed by 5. They can remove the condition by healing the damage they took to get the condition.

(He pronounces "ration" weird.)

The Alchemist still gets bombs, which recharge every day. One can heal allies.

More combat starting.

Attacks that beat AC by 10 or more deal double damage. The GM refers to the "10 or higher" rolls as "Critical Hits". I don't know what effect a nat20 has on attack rolls.

Elemental resistances still exist. So do Slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing damage. Skeletons are resistant to fire and slashing damage.

Disarming still exists, is an Athletics roll vs a DC = target's Reflex bonus.

There is a Reaction that seems to let you reduce the damage of an attack by the hardness of your shield, provided you have it readied.

It seems like the number of actions a spells costs during combat is dependent on the number of components it has. Acid Splash has a Verbal and Somatic component, so it requires 2 actions. However, Shield only has a Verbal component, so the caster can cast both spells in their turn.

The shield that Shield creates still doesnt require a hand to use (maybe doesn't require a action to ready?), but otherwise acts as a shield with a hardness of 4. The magic shield can also block Magic Missile as a reaction (or maybe just reduce the damage by 4?).

A Fumbled Reflex save makes Acid Splash (and presumably any attack) deal double damage.

Shields can be used to bash enemies, dealing 1d6 B damage.

An attacker who is proficient in a particular weapon gets to make an attack roll = 1d20+their level+their STR mod. Similar to Starfinder, where you add your level to the damage of weapons you have a Specialization in (all classes get some kind of a specialization). No mention of how proficiencies/specs are doled out in PF2, though.

The Cleric's AOE healing also deals damage to undead that can't be avoided.
Erik Mona also mentioned that races have ancestry feats, which lead me to believe that Tiefling and Aasimar are probably in core too but as ancestry feats, of course we will see until they have more reveal.

Originally Posted by Yamazaki View Post
Currently cautiously optimistic. It sounds like they're trying to close the martial/caster disparity, but we'll see how that goes...
The only problem is, if they do, they will alienate a part of their fan base. If they don't, they're going to alienate another part of it.
Yeah, I predict lots of flames.

The whole "3 actions per round" and "ready a shield to get another Reaction" sounds weirdly similar to FFG's 40K stuff. Is... is this going to draw me towards Pathfinder?

Originally Posted by AsenRG View Post
The only problem is, if they do, they will alienate a part of their fan base. If they don't, they're going to alienate another part of it.
Yeah, I predict lots of flames.
Oh we'll get that regardless of what's changed. That's just what fans do - bitch endlessly about whatever.

*grabs a bag of popcorn* might as well enjoy the show LOL

great, just great, my books that cost me so much are soon to become useless and worthless

I just got into pbp about a month ago. I bought the PDF of the Pathfinder rulebook a few weeks ago because I saw that so many cool games are run in that system. Their APs look more interesting to me than a lot of what other companies are publishing. Then, I built 2-3 characters for games I did not get in to. And, man was character creation a slog compared to D&D 5e and Edge of the Empire (my go to games).

I'm interested to see what PF 2.0 looks like. I would even be interested in playing the playtest adventure on this site when it comes out, if anyone is running it. (I suspect someone will)

I think "useless and worthless" is a pretty big stretch. After all, DnD is on their fifth edition, but I don't know any players who have thrown out their 3.5 books because they're now "useless and worthless".

I've been playing Pathfinder almost since its inception, so while I'm hesitant to embrace change, I've decided to go into this with a positive attitude. The way I see it: PF edition #1 is just a redressed-up version of DnD 3.5, which is fine; I'd rather play PF than 3.5 now. But that doesn't mean it feels fundamentally different; it just feels like I'm playing a better version of 3.5. Perhaps this new PF 2.0 can separate itself out to feel like a truly new system, not beholden to DnD or anything else.

In other words, I don't think first edition is ever really going anywhere, as it will likely always be seen as a fancy fix to the issues in 3.5. That might give PF 2.0 a clean slate to move forward and actually design an original set of gaming rules to apply to (in my opinion) the best and most fleshed-out RPG setting of Golarion.


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