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Missing Character Sheets

Missing Character Sheets

All of my character sheets have dissapeared. I know that a while back many characters sheets were lost, and I was hit by that. I moved on though and rebuilt the characters that were lost to the best of my ability. Since then I have made many new characters. However, a couple months ago, I logged on and all of my characters sheets were gone. I didn't have time to try and figure out where they went as it was game night and I had a character to make (or in some instances remake). Finally crossed my mind to deal with this issue. I've tried different web browsers, different computers, mobile devices, different locations trying to access the site. Nothin. Luckily most of the characters I had were from finished or dead campaigns so its not a HUGE loss, but if I can get them back, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

I see 3 sheets under your account: created 2017-07-22 created 2017-08-08 created 2017-08-18

Can you provide any more information about the sheets? What where the character names, sheet types, rough date created, etc? Do you perhaps have a second login?

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