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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted, but it works by trapping the music inside your head. Everyone else thanks you, though.

I wish for peace.

There is a single moment of utter tranquility and peace. A crying shame it only lasted an infinitesimal moment and you were nowhere near when it happened.

I wish for a lasting universe-wide peace.

Granted. The universe is altered into a state of peace and calm, with no more 'extreme' or 'violent' eruptions of energy. Of course, this reduces the universe to a state of vacuum decay where nothing can live or exude energy in a meaningful way.

I wish the ultimate end of the universe looked less depressing.

Granted. The ultimate end is made to be slightly less depressing than it originally was, which is not really noticeable at all. It is now, however, rather anti-climactic, happening well after it really should have and when people stopped caring it was coming.

I wish I had a table at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

Granted. The reservation is set, you just have no way to get to it.

I wish for a meatball sub, delicious, nutritious, accessible and available, all for myself.

Granted. Unfortunately, the sub implodes at 300' depth when you start eating it. Should have made it of metal instead.

I wish for a Star Wars game on Myth-Weavers that doesn't implode after 2 weeks due to the GM abandoning or the players FUBARing the concept.

Granted. It doesn't implode. It explodes due to being struck by an energy blast from a planet-sized superweapon.

I wish for Tales from the Borderlands to be ported to the Nintendo Switch. With an exclusive Season 2 that's awesome.

Granted, but it's so glitchy that it's completely unplayable.

I wish for the entirety of the Fallout series to have never existed in any way, shape, or form on any console, pc, or mac.

Granted. Fallout never existed, and neither did any other post-apocalyptic RPG system, setting, on any platform or medium.

I wish for a steak, cooked exactly the way I want and with a large potato with butter, cheese, and cracked pepper.

Granted, but it get's licked by Trump before it get's to you.

I wish for a chocolate biscuit.


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