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Nesting Replies

Nesting Replies

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Message: After the third post, replies are now nesting. One of the players said this has happened in the past but couldn't remember the fix. Any insight would be appreciated.

looks to me like too much BBcode. remove the 'floatright' and 'floatleft' and it should fix itself.

Tried that, no difference except that the images moved, as would be expected. The code is the same that we use on AL all of the time, so I wouldn't expect the floats to suddenly be a problem.

my guess is the problem is something in here:

Originally Posted by Catacombs View Post
[table=1,1][r=1,1][floatright][IMG][/IMG][/floatright][floatleft][IMG2=80][/IMG2][/floatleft][FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="5"][COLOR="black"]Kaladin Stormblessed[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT="Georgia"][B]Male Human Fighter, Neutral Good[/B][/FONT]

[b][url=][SIZE="3"]Kaladin Stormblelessed[/SIZE][/url][/b]
[i]Human Fighter 1 Neutral Good[/i]

[b]AC[/b] 14 [b]HP[/b] 12 [b]Speed[/b] 30ft

[b]Str[/b] 15 (2) [b]Dex[/b] 13 (1) [b]Con[/b] 14 (2) [b]Wis[/b] 8 (-1) [b]Int[/b] 14 (2) [b]Cha[/b] 10 (0)

[b]Longsword[/b] +4 1d8+4
[b]Longbow[/b] +3 1d8+1
[b]Handaxe[/b] +4 1d6+4
[b]Handaxe[/b] +4 1d6+4

Dueling fighting style: +2 to damage rolls when wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapons.

Second Wind: As a bonus action, I regain 1d10 + level HP; I can use this once per short rest.
[/SPOILER] [spoiler="logsheet"]
That first table tag (at the start of my quote) never closes before the start of that second (at the end of my quote).

Might be others, but that's the first thing that stands out in that post.

Prize goes to Witchslasher! Thanks for the help, guys!

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