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GM World Wiki not Auto-indexing

GM World Wiki not Auto-indexing

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Relevant Links: World:Corporea - the Dead God's Head

Message: In process of world-building and recently learned about the GM World Wiki. Navigated to the World:Index page, and using the button at the bottom of the page, created the world named "Corporea - the Dead God's Head". Before going further, read the Help page, which indicated when a Subpage is created, it would be automatically indexed on the Main page. From the Main page, used the Create Subpage form and created the subpage "Cosmology". Saved the subpage, and edited to contain some starting information. Saved again. Returned to the main page. Subpage not auto-indexed. Thinking I made a mistake, I repeated the subpage indexed on main page.

Talked with Colin on discord and he could reproduce the issue as well. Suggested I post the issue here.

I did notice I used a dash in my world name, but other worlds names have dash's in them. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or if I broke it

Okay, issue has been found! Apostrophes cause an issue in wiki page titles. I'd say call the world "Corporea" or some similar name without an apostrophe and subpages should appear correctly.

Thanks to you and Rigo! While I noticed the dash was not called out as an allowed character (after the fact), I didn't even think about the apostrophe. Recreated, and the subpages are working fine.


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