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The New World Ad

The New World Ad

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My ad link failed. Before I could just add a message to the bottom. Now the link comes back invalid.

To me the whole ad time thing is clunky. Just let the ad stand until I cancel it, and if there is no activity in the game forum send the archival thing and kill the as also. There is no reason to kill the ad until enough players are joined. Your system make me struggle to keep the message out there instead of working for me. Software should help not hinder.

As of this Announcement, the game ad close date is no longer used. Game ads automatically close after 7 days with no posts, or when the GM closes it.

Additionally, closing the game ad does not delete it, which is what would cause the 'invalid thread' error.

It looks like your game ad was temporarily removed by a staff member due to an issue, about which they sent you a Private Message, to which you'd failed to respond.

I consider that in exactly the same category of bad decisions. No warning but closure?

I had a response typed in but lost connection that night due to storms. Not that it should matter.

I had my game in both homebrew and 4e because the tight 4e crowd objects to my game as 4e and i wanted to vette a new audience.

There is no reason I understand why ad closure should prefer ad posts to forum posts for an auto closure policy. Barring a closure from the GM as a choice just keep the ad open. Of course if the campaign is archived that acts as your cleanup catchall. As is I have to struggle against policy to keep my ad running.

Further, nothing was done. The ad still does not allow me to reopen it.

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