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Sheet Data Retention

Sheet Data Retention

Character Sheets that have been in a deleted state in the 'Trash' for 1 month or longer will be permanently deleted. During deletion, any Revisions that the Character Sheet is associated with will have their reference count decremented appropriately.
I currently have sheets in my Trash folder that are older than a year. When is my trash folder going to be cleared? The clutter build up is driving me nuts >.<;. Also, if you could make it so users could permanently delete sheets themselves, that would resolve the issue greatly.

1 month or longer
This would be the, "or longer" part of that We're overdue for a purge but there have been other priorities.

As to giving users the ability to permanently delete stuff, that would resolve the issue of having clutter in the 'Trash' and recreate the issue of us digging stuff out of backups pretty regularly...

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