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D&D 3.5 Quadrupeds Loads

D&D 3.5 Quadrupeds Loads

It Should Not be To Hard To Do If Your Already Looking For Just The First Letter Why Not Put A Q For The Quadrupeds. Its Not Fun Having To Put In The New Load They Can Carry If Str Goes Up. or at lest have a checkbox for it the math is already there just need another step.

Where Would You Want To Put A Q For The Quadrupeds? In The Size Box? What Do You Do Then For Large Quadrupeds? to be honest, i agree that this would be a nice feature but it's also not really a very big deal at all since quadrupeds are pretty rare as characters and just changing your load, if you even use the load, which most people don't care about most of the time, is a little bit annoying but it's not like you can't do it.

Maybe people make sheets for their mounts? That is probably more common than a PC centaur or whatnot...

I'd be happy just having sheets that didn't input or change numbers/stats of their own accord. Its pretty annoying having to remember all the things on your sheet that vary due to feats like Agile Athlete or Intuitive Attack each and every time you go up a level or get some temp bonus to an ability score.

Maybe an option to turn it off? Having the automatic calculation is great for me and I'd never want it to go away.

It would be easier to have a checkbox added into the sheet for quadruped. If it's checked, the weight calculations get an additional "*1.5" factored in.

I recall this same request coming up a year ago, and site admins said it would be quite easy to implement, just questioning if it was overall a worthwhile use of their time.

For quadruped characters, it would be helpful, but it would also be quite useful for mounts and animal companions. Heck, even a number of familiar options are quadrupeds.

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