PTU: Desperately Seeking GM/Campaign

PTU: Desperately Seeking GM/Campaign


Over the summer and fall, I was in several PTU games that didn't go anywhere, I didn't get my character past the recruiting phase, or there were...meta issues.

I won't deny that my own infrequent posting due to the time of year hurt those games a little but at the start of the new year, after so many strike outs I really, *really*, want to be part of a pokemon game again and I have much more free time to be a more active participant.

However, this is a more Specific GM Wanted/Interest check thread than simply asking if anybody is willing to put a lot of time and effort into working out a game for others. It's not ultra iron clad specific--especially with the plot ideas I wanna explore-- but I have some... caveats let's say:
  • Game of Throhs and The Alolah Pokedex are available at the start for PC creation My character concept is to play an apparition. I really, really wanna play this character no starting level preference. 2-3 pokemon starting off with.
  • No Gametable/Discord/off site programs etc.aside from map making/building. I know slow posting rates can be the death of games, but I don't want anything IC --unless it's solo stuff that would have otherwise happened offscreen-- or entire segments of gameplay and dungeon crawling going on on an entirely different site or program.
  • Medium posting rate: At most, once a day with weekends off/up for grabs

Beyond that... Maybe it's because alot of these games I tried out for in the past were standard gym runs but... Again, I'm malleable to what others/the GM would want, but some of my favorite pokemon stories are from the Red/Blue/Yellow adventures manga where the story drifted away from Gym battles and had more..well, adventures and "trying to avert disaster" situations, as well as a prominent Team Rocket presence/villainry shenanigans. I'd like to see more of that, but still have collecting/taming pokemon be a direct part of things.

I have a few scenarios I could suggest for plots, if anyone who is still here after reading all of that has any interest. I want to stress that I am not offering to run a campaign, but I'm looking for someone/anyone to run one of these, or present an option that meets the above requirements:

Team Winners- Mid or low level start. Team Rocket/Plasma/Skull/etc. have won. They have recently taken over an entire region and are in the process of subjugating the place. New Governmental regime, rounding up trainers, Gym Leaders, and forcing them to comply or tossing them into jail. People are forbidden from owning (most) pokemon or it's so stupid heavily regulated the trainer process is unrecognizable. Pokemon are being corralled in their habitats or otherwise fenced off from random kids catching them. The players are--unwittingly or consciously-- rebels who take a stand against all of this, and form an underground resistance.
Alternate: "A-team Trainers"- Low Level start. A slight spin on the above, the PCs are unassociated trainers who come to work together because they were all framed for crimes or misdeeds that they didn't commit and are barred from owning/training pokemon. Their poke-pals are confiscated. But the person/group who did this to them are still out there, the real culprits having gotten away with something bad. It's up to the PCs to steal back their original pokemon or find new ones, and work to clear their names. Revenge? Maybe. Reunite with pokemon and the life of a trainer? Definitely.
Poke-police- (Mid level scenario) The PCs are part of a region (or large city/county)'s police roster. A task force that specifically deal with pokemon-related crimes or problems,6 the game is about specially gifted trainers who have unique/useful abilities to help keep pokecrimes down. There could be raids on Team Badguy bases, busting up poachers, or we're simply just trying to catch a wild pokemon that's rampaging in an urban area, maybe mysteries and such also occur. We'd have to train and catch our own pokemon during down time, or successfully doing our jobs could allow us to get freebies in some form from the top brass. (The trainers here would probably be mostly adults or very gifted youngsters/slightly older than the normal trainer)
If anyone wants to contribute other scenarios that are in line with the ones I suggested, have comments, ideas, etc to add to them, please let me know. Alternatively, express support for one of the scenarios whether as a player or as--dare I hope and pray-- a GM willing to humor me and others for this.

Thanks for your time, and I hope this takes off!

I'm sad I really am not GM material, however I will express interesting in those stories (actually, all of them SoundCloud really cool), and Hope you find someone to run the game

It was actually an idea from a game I was in *years* ago here on the weave. All I can really remember was I played a journalist type of character who got a rapidash...and I recall it being stuck with a personality type that impaired it's speed and was kinda upset over that.

If someone wanted to GM that, I literally have no preference for region; any of them would be fine as long as Pokemon from other regions can be used. Or if you want to make up your own region and Team-X that rolled the place.

Oh crap, no way! I wasn't sure anyone from that game was left on the weave!

Would you play in that scenario again if given the chance? Sadly there hasn't been much of a voice of interest but what starter did you have? The water pokemon?

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