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Help! I can't link my game to the Wiki I made for it!

Help! I can't link my game to the Wiki I made for it!

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Message: I am unable to link my game ( to the wiki page I made ( I can link specific pages via direct URLs, but I cannot use the Wiki button at the top of the "Myth-Weavers > Games > The Tower Saga: Ch 2" page to link it. After clicking "Wiki", I can search "Tower", "The Tower", "The", nothing brings it up. Pasting the URL in that search bar does not help. I have looked at the Myth-Weavers Wiki pages help but I can't seem to figure out what the issue is.. Am I doing something wrong?

There was an issue with getting the list of wiki world pages, where it was cutting off after a certain amount. This affected all wiki worlds starting with the letter S or later. I've revised the code to really go get all of them before returning a result. I've tested it at your forum and it should work correctly now.

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