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Chapter Seven - March to the Sea

Chapter Seven - March to the Sea


Time of Day:

Skyfall Peninsula North, Xen'Drik

7:00 AM, 23 Eyre 998 YK, Zol

In Search of Sahaugin

Outside of Stormreach
The party - consisting of Celeron, Channa, Librarian, Meji, Ulioth, and Verl - depart the Ghallandan Enclave after securing the last of the necessities for their trip to the western coast. Ollie offers to look into where Boccob might be now, with Billiam and Bammin volunteering to accompany her. The Dwarves of the Dwarven Company stay to discuss other matters with Moradin, who can't help but give a forlorn glance to the party as they leave the inn.

Leaving Stormreach is easy enough. The gate guards wave them out, throwing a salute to Meji as they pass. The skies are thankfully clear this afternoon, and the well-trodden road takes them first north and then bends to the west. After perhaps two miles, the road falls into disrepair, and then eventually rejoins the wilderness of the jungle brush to their south and coastal dirt and hills to the north.

Gulls and other sorts of birds can be seen far off, perhaps another day's journey to the coastline. The jungle brush this far north on the Skyfall Peninsula is thankfully light, and thanks to Meji, is easily navigable. Various jungle fauna scurry about in the brush, looking for food or shelter away from the footfalls of the larger beings.

The rest of that first evening is quiet. The party discovers an old campsite, used perhaps a month or so ago, along the edge of the hills that mark the descent to the coast below. The sound of the sea carries well up here, a kind of white noise that would be calming were it not a reminder of the sahaugin nearby. A cool breeze swells up the hill, singing its way into the jungle and creating its own chilling sound against the fronds and ferns.

Quest Journal[ ] Look into that Sahaugin camp along the western shore
[ ] Find Pelor, and Corellon
[ ] Violet's Story... Could it be True?
[ ] Moradin's Medallion - What is it and Where?
[ ] The statues in the ruins underneath the Giant Statue(?)

Librarian -warforged wizard
Librarian walks in a steady rhythm, showing no sign of fatigue. Nor does he make any comment that would suggest he finds the trot tedious.
As they find the abandoned campsite, the warforged wizard sits down and immediately a rat jumps out of his robes.
He realises by the reactions from his new companions they have not been introduced.
"This is Rat," Librarian tells them. "He mostly hides under my clothes, but he is rather charming once you get to know him," he says as he produces a bit chunk of cheese and some meat and offers the vermin.

Ulioth of the Line of Jhaelian
Ulioth spends most of the trek observing the local fauna. Not with a truly discerning, knowledgeable eye, but comparing the aesthetic of Xen'Drik with that of Arenal. His homeland against his ancestors' homeland. At the stop, Librarian produces a pet of some sort-- a rat. So utterly short-lived. And so fragile compared to Librarian. Ulioth distinctly enjoyed the comparison. Though the name was ham-fisted, to say the least. "A beautiful creature," Ulioth said. Which was true-- most creatures were beautiful. "Does he bite?"

As the party slows for a break, Ulioth looks around the area, and tries to see if he's reminded of anything about the history of the Sahuagin. "Are we making camp to sleep here, or pressing on?" Ulioth asks, honestly. He was aware that at least some of the party needs more rest than others. The elves and the warforged could press on a bit longer, if needed.

OOCSpot check for anything of interest in the camp. Know (Hist) check for any worthwhile knowledge about the Sahuagin.

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 13 (Total = 18)

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 12)

Verl Thatcher
The sun felt nice, and the general lack of heavy vegetation even better-freedom was sweetest when you are reminded of how it could all be taken away. Just a bit ago he was in chains again, in a rotten old room, locked up with two others, and had to fight his way out and find his friends, or rather, new found-family...

...What a wonderous day. Even the gawking of gulls didn't noy him any, nor the pinch of bugs or sweat on his brow.

Sometimes life had a way of reminding you that; it could always be worse, so enjoy it while its not.

So with that cheery mindset, he followed behind Meji as she worked through the brush-leading them expertly. Not exactly paying attention to the exchange between Ulioth and Librarian, more focused on just running through everything in his head that has transpired and mentally prepping for what is to come ahead of them.

Gods know that its going to be a wild one.

So when they stopped and Ulioth spoke of holding to rest for the night. "My take on it is we shoul'keep a goin' as long as we can. Then hunker down for the night. Though I am unsure just exactly how far are we from the Sahuagin or how much further we have..." For that he looks to the others, particularly Meji.

Celeron, despite the daunting prospect of having to deal with a race of creatures which could be best described as aquatic predators in their natural habitats, was in moderately good spirits. Perhaps it was the fact that he was part of a group, or perhaps it was because of the balmy weather, which could have just as easily been the cause of much misery had it decided to be otherwise.

Bemused at the appearance of the familiar, the elven man was quiet, but surprised- Certainly a warforged spellcaster would have a similarly constructed creature as a familiar, no? Surfacing from his thoughts as they stopped to rest, he looked thoughtfully at Verl's question of pressing on. "I'm not certain about your adventures thus far, but I personally do not wish to stray terribly far under the cover of darkness. Not sure how close we are to their territory myself, but it would not be a welcome surprise to find fish-spears in our guts..."

His words seemed distracted as he was examining the abandoned campsite; looking for any signs of foul play or otherwise. He wasn't the most adept at trekking through the forest, nor for tracking things which may come and go, but he heard enough horror stories from those whom barely made it back. "Hopefully whomever used this campsite last did not leave it in death..."

- - -

Librarian -warforged wizard
Librarian nods.
"The sahuagin see better in the dark than us, not to mention they know this territory better. I suggest we make our camp here for the night and continue at first light. I have no use for sleep, so I can keep watch."

The CampsiteThe campsite certainly looks clean enough to Celeron, Ulioth, and Verl. Here at the jagged edge where the jungle meets the beach, sand and dirt comingle underneath vines that have been hacked back with blades. With the climb uphill from the beach below, any sahaugin would be better off waiting for something weaker to slip and fall back to the sandy shore than to chase prey up to this camp.

Meji notes, "As long as we stick to the jungle brush at night, we'll avoid any sahuagin encounters. We're too far up from the water, where they have all the advantage."

With the morning sun comes more gulls' cries and animals skittering in the brush. The tide is thankfully low - low enough for the group to spot something shiny glinting in the sand below, maybe four hundred feet from their camp.

Celeron's sharp eyes scan the beach as the group wakes up, he marvels at the low tide. Such a wonder of the world; the ocean. So mysterious, yet so present in everyday- wait... what's that...?

Scanning the beach yet again, he hones in on the glinting object. Creeping forward to get a better look, there is a curious look on his face as he tries to make it out from the distance. "Huh, look there- anyone else see something out of place?"

Celeron was wary of the proximity to the water, but his curiosity was also quite strong. "It's probably worth checking out before we move on..." Squinting into the sunlight, he realized that their current position was too far away to see much of anything. "We might have to get closer to tell if it's worth our time..."

- - -

Librarian -warforged wizard
Librarian looks at the shiny object once he has been made aware of it.
"Yes, we should investigate. But it may also be a trap to attract people. Be careful," he says, obviously taking for granted someone else will do the honours of examining the unknown item.

Ulioth of the Line of Jhaelian
After a restful trance and a re-preparation of his spells, Ulioth looked down at the waves and the glinting bit of something special down below. "Strange that we did not notice it in the evening," he says. "Perhaps the angle of the sun was wrong, or perhaps this is bait lain by the Sea-Devils? Let us explore, but be careful..." As he says this, Ulioth arms himself, and begins walking toward the beach, happy to take the lead or allow someone more bold to go ahead of him.



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