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Chapter Seven OOC

Perhaps only one need by a Sa-who-agin, and the others can come as captured slaves?...

They've used that tactic before, to great effect!

I almost turned myself into a changeling... had no idea if it was permanant or not.

Originally Posted by spyrosbaldr View Post
They've used that tactic before, to great effect!

*Limbers up* YES. *cracks knuckles*

Celeron doesn't wear heavy armor, thankfully, but with a negative strength score his swimming skills are not excellent.

But regardless a Crystal of Aquatic Action would be a well received gift- swim speed and breathing under water is amazing.
@spyrosbaldr would you allow an armor crystal to work on Bracers of Armor?

Also, I can technically try to use wands, my UMD is 4... XD

Technically, an armor crystal can work on clothing if it's highly enough enchanted.

Then yes, I would.

Originally Posted by Wiz View Post
Okay: Here's what we had so far.

Out of 60,000 - each of us took 10k for ourselves.

From 20,000 - we purchased:

Eternal Wand of Deep Breath (MIC:159) (Druid Version) (Channa can persist this to work all day.) (cost:820)
Metamagic Rod of Lesser Extend (cost: 3000) - so that Meij can extend her swimming spell.
Eternal Wand of Alter Self (MIC:159) (Arcane Version) (Channa can persist this to work all day.) (cost:2210) - we can alter self to Merfolk (not Sahuagin, since they are monsterous humanoids).
Crystal of Aquatic Action (MIC:25) No armor check penalty on Swim; swim speed equal to half land speed; breathe and move freely underwater - for Librarian (cost: 3000)

We've therefore spent 9030 of our 20k remaining... we were going to send the rest on to the familes of our group who had died.

Edit: Xep & Mild; since your characters can't use wands (arcane or divine) or UMD... do you both wear armor... we could get two more Crystals of Aquatic Action?
Actually, Librarian (according my my own notes from June) purchased a lesser crystal of aquatic action for 1000 GP. From his own allowance of 10 K.
The freedom of movement effect is nice with the greater (3K), but he has no need to breathe, so it's not THAT beneficial for the extra 2K.
That leaves some gold for our newcomers.

So, I don't mean to be dense or slow things down, but can I go ahead and mark down the Crystal of Aquatic Action on my character sheet, then?

Also, as my signature says, I'll be traveling starting tomorrow Jan 8 until Sunday Jan 13. I may not have time/access to update in games during that time (though maybe I will!). I'll be at a conference in DC, followed by a Tabletop DnD session with some old friends that happen to live there / be in the area.

Definitely! I'll compile a list of your purchases and things for myself later, but that sounds like a proper choice for equipment.

Have lots of fun in DC! Hope you have some amazing stories to tell on your return


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