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Chapter Seven OOC

Yes on the crystal, IF you have powerful enough armor to hold it.

Oof, I've forgotten about the specific requirements! I'll try to look up later what they are (busy with work things ATM) and make sure I actually can use it safely.

EDIT: Oh, yikes! It appears that in order to use a least/lesser/greater augment crystal, one's armor has to be +1/+2/+3, respectively! My armor is currently only Masterwork, so I can't actually use any of those crystals! I've removed it from my character sheet, and I'm glad I didn't reference it in my most recent post!

Actually, the armor the crystals are to be attached to be:
Least MW
Lesser +1
Greater +3

Ach- so I thought I was going to be clever and post while on the plane, but the internet refused to cooperate. I'm away from home for the next few days (and have been) and apologize for my unannounced absence. I'll try to get a post up before tuesday, when I'll be returning home. XD Sorry again!

No worries, y'all. Post if you can, when you can. I'm going to be in the process of moving houses over the next three weeks, so my posting rate is definitely going to be affected.

Yikes! Best of luck to both Xepter and Spyros in their respective travel and move!

My conference is over, as well as the extended adventure / short campaign I played with some old friends over the past two days. I'm stuck in the airport for the next several hours before my flight (if it's not cancelled!), so I'm catching up on games and whatnot. I should be basically back to normal for the foreseeable future!

Unrelated, I'm ramping up to run a tabletop DnD 5E game in Eberron, and I'm real excited about it!

Will be a little slow to post over the next week and a half as we finalize moving houses. I was supposed to have time to post at work, but it's been hard to grab computer time thanks to some bungling errors by my night crew.

I'm officially back, so expect a post from celeron soon!

Okay: Here's what we had so far.

Out of 60,000 - each of us took 10k for ourselves.

From 20,000 - we purchased:

Eternal Wand of Deep Breath (MIC:159) (Druid Version) (Channa can persist this to work all day.) (cost:820)
Metamagic Rod of Lesser Extend (cost: 3000) - so that Meij can extend her swimming spell.
Eternal Wand of Alter Self (MIC:159) (Arcane Version) (Channa can persist this to work all day.) (cost:2210) - we can alter self to Merfolk (not Sahuagin, since they are monsterous humanoids).

We've therefore spent 6030 of our 20k remaining... we were going to send the rest on to the familes of our group who had died.

If we bought a Water Breathing spell for Librarian to add to his book, he could cast it on Xep & Mild.

How many people died?

In all seriousness, that is a very generous offer. Meta-gaming wise, why did you choose to donate almost 14,000 gp to the families of the deceased? 1,000 maybe 2,000 each sure. (assuming you are talking about dead party members, right?)

Also, this is totally meta and my character wouldn't know or care, but I can't help but be curious.


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