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Chapter Seven OOC

If nobody stops him, Celeron's going for the shiny thing
because shiny things always lead to the next... thing. XD

I honestly did not realize that there had been a DM post. Sorry about that, y'all!

I just want to register in here that I've seen the recent DM post, but I don't think there's anything actionable for Ulioth, since Celeron has spotted this stuff and not necessarily me. As per my last post, I think I followed behind Celeron, but I'll wait until he posts relevant information before I chime in.

No worries. Typically, if I am giving information to only a single player, I'll hide it in private tags and then the onus for delivering that information is on that player. If I present it in a narrative format for everyone, it's information that is actionable for everyone.

I'll have a post tomorrow; work just picked up to full swing and as such I'm supah busy... X__X

I know that feeling, Xepter! I've been struggling to keep up with my own games the past week or so. Just been an insanely busy week.

Effective, as ever, Ulioth...


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