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Back again, Back again ... Lickity Split (or not)

Back again, Back again ... Lickity Split (or not)

Hello MW!

I was semi-active on MW 4-5 years ago, and had to leave due to RL reasons. Well, I've been repressing the yen for some good RP for a while, and finally feel like I'm at a place that I can indulge! I'm looking to join a game (maybe two) and to start a solo / GM trade with another interested, literate gamer who wants to help tell a couple stories.

I've been gaming, in general for 30+ years, covering DnD (since the boxed sets), Gamma World, Robotech, Palladium, TMNT, GURPS, White Wolf (of most flavors), Traveller (earlier editions), Champions (earlier editions), MnM, Warhammer Fantasy, Scion, Exalted, and more... I'm really interested in exploring a lot of the recent narrative- or character-driven systems (FATE, etc), though I've not had as much experience in them. I've fallen out of love with DnD/PF variants for the most part; and I'll always hold a place in my heart for GURPS, though I prefer the crunch when building the characters and world, and less in game play - especially with PBP, where a multi-person combat can drag the pace down significantly.

Looking forward to some world-building and fun role- and roll-playing with all y'all!

Good morning and welcome back! You will be pleased to know we have a good community of narrative and character driven system players here. I think there are 1-2 FATE games recruiting right now.

Your gaming history looks like mine. Lots of variety. I like that. What color was your first boxed set? My box was red, but the rulebook was blue and white.


I think we may have had the same box set. I know my brother and I shared a red box, but I also remember some blue books. (Then again, it could have been both the 'basic' and 'advanced' versions). It was a long time ago. I definitely remember filling in crappy dice with a waxy white crayon.

I'm in the midst of applying to a GURPS game. One of the FATE games looks right up my alley, but I want to finish one application before diving into another. (And don't want to apply to too many games to (re)start with)

Welcome back to the site and hope you have a wonderful experience here.
I enjoy this site and everyone that I've crossed is nice and acceptable.
Don't be afraid to reach out. And hope to cross paths once or twice in stories.

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