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Batman TV Show

Yeah, I admit I didn't exactly have high expectations for Batman and Harley Quinn. Swamp Thing's bit was funny if only for how it actually kind of got the core of Swamp Thing.

I've personally always wanted to see a long form, decently close to the source material adaptation of one or more of Batman's comic storylines. No Man's Land, preceded by Cataclysm, Aftershock and Road to No Man's Land would definitely be awesome to see, and given how people have tried to make No Man's Land a series before I guess others have had similar ideas.

War Games, Hush or Contagion would also be interesting, but the core concern would be deciding on just how closely you should follow the source material. Honestly a comparison could be made to what they did with the Wolverine and the X-Men series they did a few years ago.

It would be a lot like what Knight proposed, but with an older more experienced Batman and some pre-established history behind him. Jason would be dead but not necessarily risen as Red Hood yet, Bane would be on the scene, you get the idea. A story made as a love letter almost to the comics while still telling an interesting story for everyone else.

Originally Posted by leons1701 View Post
OK, Batman and Robin could have been as good as The Brave and the Bold with some serious work. But I see what you're looking for.
No, you really don't. I see Batman and Robin as exactly what a Batman movie should look like. It had memorable one liners, fun over the top villains and overall just fun for everyone. I want more movies along the vein of Batman and Robin and Flash Gordon. And I would want any series to embrace that tone as well.


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