A Tal'Dorel Campaign

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A Tal'Dorei Campaign

A Tal'Dorei Campaign - Forum

I just got the Tal'Dorel Campaign Setting and would love to run a game in Exandria, but more specifically Tal'Dorel. If anyone doesn't know what the world of Exandria is, may I suggest watching Critical Role? I will try my best to run a game fitting for my players. If you do have any questions just ask. I will be running this game in Pathfinder.

Game Description:

I will be running this game in a 5th Edtion Campaign setting created by Matt Mercer. Matt Mercer is the DM for Critical Role on Geek & Sundry's Twitch channel. I will try my best to run a game that makes everyone playing have a good time. If you have any tips or helpful advice you can PM me or post here on this thread.

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Hum, PF but Tal'Dorei? I could go for that. Got the guide myself, and have been wanting to play in the setting for a while now

I have wanted to play in this setting since before the campaign setting was announced... I love Critical Role <3

I'm so glad you posted this.

I am giving a one week notice that I will be closing the opportunity to put apps in. So the 23 of October is the last day to put in apps.


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