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NaNoWriMo 2017

The novel is not done, no. At this point, I'm anticipating an end somewhere in the 90-100k zone. I have an outline, you see, and I'm mostly sticking to it. I'm now done with my conventioning for the year, so I can sprint for the next 10 days.

The goal for today is 33,333. As shame we don't ever get a goal of 66,666.

For those who are struggling, remember that every word you write in November is still one more word you have written. And that's worth more than a "win".

This next week will probably be the hardest. I think I've mapped out roughly where the rest of my story is going, but finding time to write it while back home among family I don't see often will be trying.

Best of luck to all as we continue to push our stories out onto paper (or word processing programs) at whatever rate we can!

I've hit the 50k mark. Though I've only just finished the climax. Anyone have thoughts on how long a story should go on afterwards?

Most books take 1-2 chapters for the denouement, depending upon the structure. If you have one POV, one chapter is probably sufficient. If you have multiple POVs, it depends on how many characters need separate resolution beats.

The idea is that you wrap everything up so the reader can say goodbye to the story knowing all the loose ends are either tied off or pushed forward to the next book.

And lo, we have ended. Good work, folks. I know all ya'll didn't make it, but every word written in November is a word you didn't have written in October, and that's always a plus.


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