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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted. He carves you open and scoops it right out. A little worse for wear, but still mostly edible.

I wish to not have mentally pictured that.

Granted. You have short term memory loss, and can't remember anything beyond you have short term memory loss, and can't remember anything
Joke. Ground. Might be a bit of lithobraking.

I wish to win a large prize on lottery.

Granted. You die of shock immediately upon finding out you are now the richest man in the world.

I wish I was better at keeping up with my Myth-Weavers threads.

Granted. They never update, it's easy to keep up with that.

I wish to have a defibrillator when I learn I'm the richest man in the world. I WILL LIVE!!

Granted. And you indeed get to live and be rich. Only it turns out that being the richest man alive means everyone you ever meet is only ever out for your money. Your friends, your family, even your pets, all those you trust and love slowly but surely become corrupted by greed as you look on helplessly. And thus, slowly but surely, you remain alone in the world. With nobody to trust, nobody to confide in, nobody but leaches out for favors and gold diggers.
And when the end does come nobody wants to warm up those paddles because they are too busy squabbling over your remains.

I wish every time a RP game fails those responsible would be impaled on burning stakes of wood and steel with red hot barbs and hooks to rip and rend their flesh as they are slowly tortured for all eternity.

Granted. No one ever plays RP games anymore, so by definition, they never fail.

I wish for a DC movie that doesn't suck.

Granted. You can now go see Wonder Woman. Oh, you wanted a NEW DC movie that didn't suck? Yeah, not happening.

I wish for a good Howard the Duck movie.


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