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This week in video games...

If they go the Empire route of having several scenarios, that could work. They already have flying units, though a small number of them, so, air units could be an ability perhaps, and they have heroes and LL in TW which would work in TW40K, I think it is viable, but I don't think they will tackle it anytime soon. Cover would need to be reworked and many other factors, but it could be something we several years down the line.

I think the primary thing that wouldn't work about it is that some of the armies, such as Space Marines, would be sort of tiny relative to the army size Total War tends to work with. Otherwise it'd probably work better than you might expect, simply because 40k is a universe which loves it some melee combat and swarms, and oftentimes defensive emplacements for at least some of the races.

That reminds me, the new Stellaris DLC (and the new huge 2.0 game revamp) is out.

So it's been a few weeks, any experience with FFXII The Zodiac Age on PC? I mean, besides perfectly legit complaints about Denuvo and how awful it can be. It's always been the FF I wanted to go back to but just couldn't find the motivation due to its oldness compared to other things on my very long backlog list, and as one of the very few jRPGs I like the english cast of (mostly), I'd like to bounce between the dual audio and compare and contrast for fun.


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