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Book of Mis-spells

Brood Money

Target currency immediately completes its incubation, hatching into smaller money of similar specie. They imprint on the first creature that they see (the caster) and treat as parent.

Mass Frog

Mousse Flog

Target bowl of cream is beaten mercilessly, becoming mousse. Deals 1d6 non-lethal splash damage in a 30-foot radius.

Conjure Fire-Fox

Conjure Firefox

causes illusion to appear in the air. It looks like this:


it does nothing but floats in front of the caster. it does not generate enough light to illuminate, but it can be seen very well in the dark.

Keep Watch

Keith's Watch

Conjures a tin-housed pocket watch, with the name "Keith" engraved on the back. Inside, the glass of the watchface is cracked and the time is stopped at 9:47.

Heroes' Feast

Herod's Feet

Performs a flawless pedicure on target feet, worthy of Queen Herod, for whom this spell was commissioned by her court wizard.


Pew Nazi

Shoots a magic laser at target Nazi.

Rub-a-dub's Rubber Ducky

Grub Hub's Blubber... Yucky!

Conjures unappealing fatty mass of questionable edibility and dubious nutritional value. But it doesn't taste bad if you close your eyes and hold your nose.

Ring of Death


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