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What's that Videogame?

I think they were talking about Chrono Trigger, not the new game.

That said... considering the visual similarities to Chrono Trigger and the kind of "snow" theme going on, I'm going to guess the new one is I Am Setsuna. I can't say for certain, though, since that one's been on my backlog for awhile now and I just haven't gotten to it yet...

Correct. Your turn. (I will say that game was fun and well balanced, but you better really enjoy snowy landscapes and piano soundtrack.)

I enjoy both! Though I'm more of an autumn scenery kind of guy.

Let's see... Oh. I'm pretty sure I haven't posted this one before.

No takers? Well, maybe this one will give it away (or at least the movie it was made for).

I'll even take any of the game's other three titles. It was reskinned and rereleased in several other territories using characters from completely different franchises (this particular one is just the one I played as a kid).

Wow. No clue. Im assuming OG gameboy just from graphics.


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