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This week in video games...

There were hints that the Skaven were suppose to appear, like how your settlement would experience a mysterious population loss where entire neighborhoods disappeared with some Skaven symbol etched on the walls.

Alas it never transpired, I would be fearful dealing with the underground empires of the Skaven as any other faction.

I do look forward to playing the lizardmen!

Thats why I believe Skaven are going to be in the 2nd game, also, I think that lore-wise, they have tunnels and cities all over the world. So they could reach the Old World and New World easily enough.

Uuuuugggggghhhhhhhh I just accidentally deleted a post replying to like 5 different people. Sufficient to say I have thoughts on videogames, mostly: TW:W2 should be sweet, Utopia for Stellaris looks awesome, and combat in ME3, while fun, was very repetitive.

Being able to make a dedicated Agri-Planet is going to be a massive game changer; the potential it has is incredible.


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