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This week in video games...

Well just got Episode 3 of Life Is Strange finished.. I have to say, it's amazing.. In terms of your choices, the things you do, the character development, the story telling, hell even the way some scenes are framed..... It's the best adventure game I've played in recent memory.. I honestly think it blows anything tell tale has done out of the water.. Granted they could blow it in the upcoming episodes, but it's been a seriously amazing gaming / storytelling experience..

WITCHER 3!!! Released digitally yesterday, I got my copy from GoG (managed to score a key for under $40 a few weeks ago). Haven't played it yet since I was out playing Magic yesterday, but I'll be sure to pop in after some play time to give my first impressions.

I've been playing it and a patch that was releasrd adds stuttering.

I just got a PS4 as a gift from a friend, and went out an bought Battlefield 4 immediately. I was an old pro back in the Bad Company 2 days on my PC, and I have to say, the switch to a controller is killing me. My brain knows what I should be doing, but my hands just aren't getting the message...

So far, I feel like this game is definitely CDPR's best iteration of the Witcher series. That said, they still haven't managed to nail the combat mechanics in a way that feels satisfying to me. It's better than Witcher 2, but there are still a lot of niggling issues that bother me.

I'm really enjoying Witcher 3 but I have a weird comment (definitely not a complaint) to make... Anyone else feel like there might be too much content too quickly? I'm looking at my map of Novigrad and it's just so full of question marks I feel like I've been attacked by the Riddler! Every time I uncover a new one it seems like two more pop up ("If they cut off one head, two more shall take its place. Hail HYDRA")... Just FLOODED! O.O Which do I pick first!?!?

There's a lot of stuff to explore in the game, yeah. Thankfully most of them are very quick things. Some bandits, a bear. Possibly a monster nest. You also get lovely XP from destroying nests and liberating areas, so exploration is worthwhile, even if you pass most things by. Also, places of power grant skill points, so those are definitely worth looking into.

Actual quests though, they're far more involved than "go here do stuff". Witcher contracts are surprisingly fun, if a bit formulaic after a while.

I'm currently in Skellige, having explored Velen and Novigrad entirely. Have to admit, there's a certain amount of side quest fatigue popping up, but I'm just sticking to the interesting side quests and witcher contracts for now. Loving the game though, one of the best RPGs in a while.

Oh definitely, I'm level fourteen at the moment done about ten of the Witcher Contracts and loving the stories behind them Also loving the references to the other Witcher Schools, wearing Griffin armor and the swords at the moment because I love throwing Signs around though I'm a little sad that there doesn't seem to be Wolf School armament.

Yeah, I have the same problem with the question marks in Witcher 3 as I did with the objective markers in Assassin's Creed or the markers in Dragon Age Inquisition. Eventually I just get tired of trying to unlock them all (especially since there's really no telling which ones are going to be level-appropriate before heading out there), and I just beeline from one major questline to the next.

I'm currently level 8 and just finished dealing with the Crones.

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