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List of Traveller and 2300AD players

Originally Posted by Chaos Emerald View Post
is judge dredd (2009) game mongoose publishing any good? Got it from a garage sale but never played traveller, so not sure, if it is anything good or just cash in?
According to the reviews the answer would be mostly yes, though I hadn't even heard of it.

There's a Traveller game starting on another site and there are a couple free spots, if anyone is interested.

Has anyone an idea of how to add Character development like Mongoose traveler to GURPS? Does such a thing already and I just don't know where?

Originally Posted by PMChapmanii View Post
Has anyone an idea of how to add Character development like Mongoose traveler to GURPS? Does such a thing already and I just don't know where?
I assume you mean in chargen?

There is GURPS Traveller, and it was on Bundle of Holding. I think it just uses point buy, though.

You can, however, do it easily.
Step one, calculate total number of points with max disadvantages (I've only seen 3 GURPS characters without maxed disadvantages). It would probably be easier to use 160-pts characters because of this, and keep the max disads at 40, so the total would be a nice, round 200 points. Don't pick ads and disads yet!

Step two, divide the total in 10 20-pts parts. Count the (Maximum number of careers+1) parcels and set the rest aside.

Step 3, use Traveller lifepaths, assuming you've got a UWP of 777777.
For your first term, you have to spend one "parcel" of points on your initial career skills (2-4 points max).
Another goes for your term benefit(s): skills, attributes, whatever. If you have to go over 20 pts, say because you gained Dex +1 (20 pts), Shooting-1 (about 8 points on Shooting (skill) and 4 on Fast-Draw...), and an Ally "got closer to you" (meaning you have to pay extra points for the advantage, reach into the parcels you set aside - but do so sparingly.
You don't have to use all the 20 points, if the term didn't give you much benefits! After all, next term might require you to use more points.
Note: Soc is best represented by Advantages and Disadvantages, while Edu is mostly "supporting skills", not IQ, in GURPS terms!

Personally, I'd just use a Traveller system, of course, but that's just me.
And I'm not above houseruling those, either - cue changing the way you calculate the Stat and Skill totals, which is closer to the original system of T4/T5 and resolves an issue I've got with their numbers.
Or even better, you can use Exploding Roll-and-Keep mechanics in Traveller 4/5, which I actually recommend!

I just tried to re-create an old favourite character with the character generator, and it worked like a dream.

Here I present you the gentleman thief and detective Arsène Lupin!

Link to the original gentleman thief and detective Arsène Lupin, just in case anyone isn't familiar with those works!

1) Not no but h*** no
2) CT, TNE, MgT either, including T5 and T5.09. Clarification Marc Miller Traveller is T4, T5 is a new(ish) animal
3) Yes
4) Yes.
5) No, most likely
6) Not if there is a more available choice.

Been playing CT since 1978. Mongoose is a very near neighbor to it.

OK, Navy is the way to go, as evidenced by the stats of Arch-Empress Meriam!


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