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What's that Videogame?

Sorry for not checking back - had a weird weekend. It is, indeed, one of the Space Ranger games, specifically Space Rangers 2!

Your go, CC!

EDIT: For those of you unfamiliar (probably most of you), Space Rangers was a game that tried to be all of the things at once: a space combat sim, a trading sim, and exploration game, and a bunch of other stuff. The main game was on 2D space maps that looked a lot like the old Masters of Orion games, but it also had the RTS game (as in the screenshot) as well as text-adventure elements, particularly on those occasions where you were caught by the space cops.

It's a bit rough, especially now, but it's a lot of fun. You can get the updated HD version (Space Rangers HD: A War Apart) in Steam (and probably elsewhere) for $15.

No problem! When I first saw the mech on the image you showed I thought of this gem:

Believe it or not, I have not played that many RTS games. It's because I'm bad at them.

Dang. Alright then. It's actually a game called Metal Fatigue.

It had a lot of interesting mechanics, with three levels to the maps (sky, land, underground), the ability to chop off arms and legs from enemy robots and reverse-engineer the parts from them, as well as unit veterency and swapping out arms for your robots. Fun game. At least how I remember it. Someone else take the next one.

I'll take it, I remember a somewhat obscure game.

Uhhhhh...yep. I'd say that's an obscure one. Not too many frog-cop games, in my experience

I played this a lot as a young teen. Hint: PC game based in Space.


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