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World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

My Farland Pen&Paper game

Previous Wednesday on D&D@Farland we've played another dramatic session. Read below to find out the depths of Modron's evil!

To find out where we ended the week before, please read my previous post.

As everyone took a leap of faith in the hole of fear in Nicolas' basement, all player characters have had a private session in where each character faced their most personal fear.

DM's note: During the character creation phase, I asked the players what would be their characters most personal and greatest fear! I say personal, for everyone fears being robbed from their loved ones. But personal fear makes a character real! For example, Nicolas, the old gnome wizard is prone to dementia. Alucarda, the young human warlock girl who pretends to be a boy, hides the fact that she once murdered her little brother. Seymore Buts, the cheerful and happy halfling bard fears being deaf, for that would mean he can't hear music and can't make much music either. Last but not least, Lo'Gosh the half-orc barbarian hides the fact that he once fled from an enemy, which led to the death of his once best friend. This is what I mean with personal fear.

The hole of fear, the portal to Penumbra, the shadow reality, was a shocking confrontation! Read about Nicolas his personal fear:

The fear of Nicolas. In a dusty and huge alchemical lab, filled with endless piles of papers and notes, you hear a repetitive squeaking sound and the crisps of a warm fire. Around the corner of a huge bookshelf, you find yourself sitting on a chair, staring in the fire. It's an exact replica of yourself, except there is this emptiness inside your own eyes, as if all wits has been drawn out. You have grown old and demented, and all riddles of life, all mysterious formulas have past beyond your grasp of comprehension.
To 'defeat' the demented Nicolas, he must search the library for research notes about Flawless Flamel. There, he will read his own conclusion that the Transmuter stone is impossible to craft. The solution lies that Nicolas must conclude that the twelve-sided die, the dodecahedron, is the answer and solution to Timaeus problem. If Nicolas shares this with demented Nicolas, a spark of life and curiosity shines in his eyes, saying: I think I'm quite ready for another mystery!

Demented Nicolas. Interaction with demented Nicolas is hard, for he suffers on short memory loss. He can remember one sentence, and will vaguely repeat that sentence in a desperate way.
Smoking his pipe the other way around.
His eyeglasses are wield the way around.
His hair is all fluffy and chaotic, even more then you are used to.

Random Nicolas quotes:
1) ‘Ruthelium, Paladium, Indium!... No no no…’
2) ‘Niobium Titanium and tin!... No, no no!....’ ‘Good Gold! Cornelis, is that you!?...’
3)‘Tomorrow is my 64th birthday! Are you here for the celebration? You are one day to early!’
4) ‘I misplaced something. Can you find it for me?’

If Nicolas convinces Demented Nicolas to remember himself, he will say something about Flamel. That could lead Nicolas to the following research notes:

Flamels' claims.
Flamel claims that the minute particle of each element had a special geometric shape: tetrahedron (fire),
octahedron (air), icosahedron (water), and cube (earth). The Flamel makes conjectures on the composition of the four elements that constituted the physical universe: earth, water, air, and fire. Flamel links each of these elements to a certain Platonic solid: the element of earth would be a cube, of air an octahedron, of water an icosahedron, and of fire a tetrahedron. Each of these perfect polyhedra would be in turn composed of triangular faces the 30-60-90 and the 45-45-90 triangles. The faces of each element could be broken down into its component right-angled triangles, either isosceles or scalene, which could then be put together to form all of physical matter. Particular characteristics of matter, such as water's capacity to extinguish fire, was then related to shape and size of the constituent triangles. The fifth element (i.e. Platonic solid), whose faces are not triangular, and which was taken to represent the shape of the Universe as a whole, possibly because of all the elements it most approximates a sphere, which Flamel has already noted was the shape into which God had formed the Universe. The extensive final part of the dialog addresses the creation of humans, including the soul, anatomy, perception, and transmigration of the soul. To solidify the fifth element like the primarily four elements, the form must consist out of faces not triangular and not square. All laws of geometry are bound to this conscience and therefor the fifth element cannot be reproduced. Hereby ends my research with the sad declamation that the Alchemist's Stone is a fable.

In truth this is what happened according to the demented Nicolas:
Nicolas the old gnome alchemist, almost nearing his completion of the alchemist stone, read in a book that according to Flamel it cannot be done, as according to his journal. This led to Nicolas great frustration, and he begun wildly experimenting with dangerous chemical substances. Deep underground, he composed a mixture that eventually created the portal to Penumbra, and thus created the hole of fear in his own basement. It is a paradox.

When 'young' Nicolas confronted 'demented' Nicolas, he remembered that he was been here before. This environment, was actually his true library in his basement, on exactly the same place of the hole of fear. He also remembered that Flamel was wrong, and as the player of Nicolas character found the solution to the puzzle, a twelve sided dice, he realized that he solved his deepest fear: Growing old and demented. However, he found out that he succeeded in creating the alchemist stone that is still hidden somewhere in his basement, and, one of it's powers is to bring back youth and vitality to the old and forgotten! And that is what truly happened to the old gnome. He had already created the alchemist's stone, and he is actually growing younger in stead of older, and remembers more and more in stead of less and less. This paradoxical reality I have created fits Nicolas as he realizes that the more he studies, the younger he becomes and the more spells he remembered just like the once powerful master wizard he once was.

Quite the personal session. I'll write about the other session and the Wednesday session another time.
I hope you had fun reading.

That was a good read. I like the personal character details.

Loving these sessions. Would love to read more about your players and characters. I'm not yet the DM of my group, but we'll have a vote on that soon, our current campaign is nearly ending.

I thank you all for the positive feedback I have received so far. The players get real exited if I tell them about your reactions and the fact that this thread has been viewed over 1000 times!

Yes, Kzinretti, this is something I've been thinking about. I have some ideas to introduce the players and characters. I'll keep you up to date!

As you might have noticed, I have edited the first post of this thread. I've updated the first post with an introduction of the current and former players and characters so far. I have asked the players to write an introduction of their own, so you can expect that to come soon. Have fun reading.


Updated today with some character introductions the players wrote themselves.
Get yourself acquainted with the sinister Alucarda and the innocent Seymore Butz.

More coming up!


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