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My Farland Pen&Paper game

Hello Farland Fans,

It has been a while for me to post a resume of what has happened previous sessions. My apologizes therefor.
As you might have noticed, I have added information about the party members. They have even written something about their characters themselves, be sure to check it out on the first post of this thread.

In the future you can expect some photo's of me and my party members, as well as the DnD room, map and environment we play in, so be sure to check for updates here.

Here is a short summary of all the quests of Northwood:

-The Vargouille Queen
-The foul ghouls
-The Squints
-Katrina Rabe's treachery
-Nicolas' basement
-Over a dozen sidequests. Read about them in my first post of this thread.

Now, I will try to summarize what has happened in Northwood so far:

-The party have successfully overcome their personal fears that originated from Nicolas' basement. Read my previous posts for more information. They have not yet encountered Oscar Drok, however, who can lead them to the final step of removing the hole of fear and recovering the content of Nicolas' basement.
-The party have successfully removed the threat originating from the graveyard. The ghast leader Modron has been removed, however, some dark pact has been made with Alucarda in the progress. She is now an undying warlock and has exchanged her 'Opferblut' birthright of nobility to be given a second chance. In exchange, Modron now sits on her fathers seat at Opferblut's castle. In the progress, her former home has been turned into an undead house of deathknights and even more undying creatures. This will be her personal quest for in the future.
-The party have successfully discovered a map of Northwoods sewer system. This eventually leads them to the Squints main hideout: Dalton's estate.

Northwood Sewers map

Previous session, the party were alarmed by the arrival of Drokag and his fellow hobgoblins. They were looking for the party, for in the first adventure their paths have crossed. Drokag wants to send the adventurers into the mines of Hestor, to teach them a lesson. However, because of the heroic endeavors of the adventurers, they have build up a reputation among the fearful citizens of Northwood. Therefor they won't betray the adventurers position in Nicolas' house. It will only be a matter of time however, for someone not so trustworthy to betray them and rat them out. Thus, the party has decided they need to leave Northwood for now. They decided to venture into the dangerous Serpent Woods, where the wildlife has been disturbed by the arrival of the extra-planar being, the Vargouille queen.

The adventurers have heard about several locations in the Serpent Woods: Oscar Drok's Shack and Moss Glow Cave. The rumors said that Oscar Drok has gone mad after he learned about the faith of the Morgenstein family. Northwood's local herbalist required some Moss Glow in a cave. The adventurers decided to go to Moss Glow cave first. After some hours of travel and successful survival checks to decide if they get lost or not, they encounter two brown bears. A tough encounter, but doable. Then, they come across a cave which is probably the Moss Glow cave they are looking for.

Inside, they find these strange jelly substances on the rocks. It looks to be some form of organism. The barbarian Lo'Gosh investigates with his fingers and finds out they are of acidic material and suffers a point of damage. In the end of the cave they find a wider chasm with enough Moss Glow and a strange green stone with a seemingly rusty great sword entrapped in a strange green magical stone. They tried to pull it out, but nothing seems to work. It can only be undone by magic, but they do not know how. This can be a quest for later, for the way to clear this magical great axe from the stone is written on paper on Marnak Morgenstein's desk.

With their bags filled with Moss Glow, they leave the cave, only to be surprised by four grey oozes. A deadly combat which leaves our old gnome wizard Nicolas with a 17 day lasting injury: -1 constitution due to acid in his longs.

After a breather, they have set their minds on Oscar Drok's Shack, which they find after some hours of travel. They see the clearing and the seemingly abandoned house. Then, six large maddened dogs attack them. Another heavy combat. The adventurers have slain the maddened dogs and now stand for the decision to enter this strange shack, stripped from their resources and low on health.

What will happen next week?...

Another great and dangerous adventure! And nice map. Where did you get it?

Cool. It's good.

Kielzog, this is amazing. Great write-ups. I just found this today and am enjoying getting caught up on your campaign. I like the direction you are taking this. Your detail and logs are incredible. Thank you for sharing.

Hello folk of Farland. Yesterday we played another session of Farlandish Dungeons&Dragons and I can say, this was an evening full of laughter, tension and a tiny bit of madness. Have fun reading!

As the adventurers arrived at Oscar Drok's shack, battered, brused and injured from the fights with bears and oozes, they found out that Oscar Drok's shack was ransacked. After an inspection, they found some coin, arrows and a lot of rubble, covering a cellar. Afraid of what might be inside, Cornelis, Seymore, Lo'Gosh and Alucarda all agreed to keep it locked for now. After a long rest and regaining some of their stamina, they entered the cellar, only to be overcome by 8 giant rats. A tough fight where Cornelis was forced to use the shatter spell and hit four giant rats at the same time, while also hitting his companion Seymore because he was in the area of effect. Cornelis managed to shatter the rats into oblivion, but poor Seymore failed his saving throw and he got knocked down to 0 hitpoints. Seymore then failed another saving throw and he had to roll a permanent injury. The damage was thunder and guess what, our ambitious bard was left with deafened ears! Luckely for him, he rolled a three on the duration, so after three days he could hear again. Close call...

The adventurers thought they were safe, only to be surprised by the maddened Oscar Drok, who due to his insomnia saw the adventurers as vargouilles, green flying monstrosities! After hitting Oscar Drok down to half his hitpoints, he began begging the adventurers not to take his head. After some maddening and very funny conversations with the old dwarf, the party investigated the problem. Oscar needed either magical curings or would slowly stabilize himself if he would eat, drink and take care of himself in a safe environment. Due to the lack of a cleric the adventurers decided the second option and took a week to rehabilitate the old mad dwarf, with success.

Because of the fact that Drokag and his hobgoblins were still in Northwood awaiting the adventurers, they had to sneak up back in town. They wanted to intercept the mayor to have a talk about things. The mayor, Arnulf Von Gerhan, was at his daily routine collecting tax. When they meat, another surprise awaited them. Last week, the official trial for sherrif Tim the quick took place, and the adventurers weren't there! So, Tim won the case, and the adventurers were put to jail for false accusations. Ofcourse, the mayor believed the adventurers, but the law is the law.

After several days in prison, a familiar stranger came by. He had formerly introduced himself as Harold, an informant from 'the resistance.' In the middle of the night, he freed the adventurers and gave them a choice. Either to leave Northwood once and for all and leave it's faith in the hands of the villains, or sneak up into the sewers, find the Squints main hideout and rid of them once and for all. The party made a choice, and that is to end the corruption. Harold warned them however, it's now or never and there is no turning back!

Very exciting! I'm loving it.

I have invited my players to take a look upon this forum. I have therefor made certain topics that are mend for DM's or non-players only. See it at my first post of this thread.

I hope that they will soon introduce themselves on this forum!

Yeah, the more the merrier!

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