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New Warlock Sub Class Suggestion - Servant of Sin

New Warlock Sub Class Suggestion - Servant of Sin

As always, my players and I love this setting. One of my players is a warlock, and he wanted to make a pact with the Lord of Greed. I said why not, and now we brainstormed and came up with a warlock sub class to reflect the special flavor of being a servant of one of the Lords of Sin! It still might be difficult to balance, but it's all in good fun, and we tried to stay thematic and true to the feeling of Farland. Obviously it'd be cool if it became a playable sub class, but if not, I'd definitely love ideas on how to tweak it. So far, it's Greed centric, obviously, but I'll add invocations and Level 6 abilities for the other sins as I think of them!

Servant of Sin

You have done the unthinkable. You have willingly sided with the masters of the Dark Folk, and pledged your loyalty to a Lord of Sin. If you have made your pact in jest, it is far too late, because the power of the sins is both intoxicating and insidious. You will never be the same again. Should others find out about your true status, you will surely die, but if you are cunning and ruthless, you will wield power beyond what any human has ever achieved. The powers of a Warlock of Sin will change slightly depending on which sin you owe allegiance to. Remember, that the Lord of Sin you are allied to will use you for their own purpose, which may even pit you against the minions of the other Lords of Sin, your country, or even your friends.

Restrictions: Elves cannot make a pact with any Lord of Sin and thus cannot be Servants of Sin. The thought of willingly allying oneself with the sins is beyond unthinkable for the fey, and furthermore, the protection of Tal-Allustiel prevents an elf from trafficking in the power of the Lords of Sin.

The Dark Will

As an agent of the sins, all of this power comes at a steep price. Because you are intextricably linked to the Lords of Sin, you are under the power of the Dweller in the Vale, and also subject to the Dark Will that the Lords of Sin use to command their armies. While the Lords of Sin have limits with the orcs in terms of how they can command them, because of your unique connection to the Lord of Sin, you are much more susceptible to the control of the Dark Will, and the Lords of Sin can direct you to perform certain general tasks. If a Lord of Sin directs you to do something, and you wish to resist, you must make a DC 15-25 Wisdom save or be forced to perform the action, even if you do not wish it. The DM can adjust the DC based on how much energy the sin is expending in making you perform the action.

Character Personality

As an agent of the Lords of Sin your very nature reflects their desires. Whatever your personality before the pact, you now feel compelled by the dark nature of the sins to do what you might ordinarily not.

Greed – You covet what others possess and have an unquenchable thirst for power. You look down more so on those that have nothing as weak and useless, and will stop at nothing for your goals. You will hoard money, and it is difficult to resist stealing expensive items you see, especially gems.

Expanded Spell List- Your expanded spell list depends on which of the Seven Sins you pledge yourself to.

1 - Identify, Fog Cloud
2 – Scorching Ray, Pyrotechnics
3 – Fireball, Fly
4 – Wall of Fire, Fabricate
5 - Flame Strike, Geass

Pact Abilities
Some Pact Abilities are only available for certain sins or change slightly depending on which sin you choose.

Level 1
Flaming Breath – Greed

Same as Dragonborn Racial ability, damage type is automatically fire. Must have a short or long rest to be usable again.

Level 6
Drain Energy – Greed
You can steal the magical energy of your opponent and use it for yourself. Perform a melee spell attack. If you succeed, you begin to suck away the target's magical energy and are overcome by a feeling of power and euphoria. The target makes a Wisdom saving throw. The target takes 3d6 + the warlock's charisma modifier, +1d6 for each warlock level over 6, and takes half damage on a successful save. In addition, if the target fails its save, you steal one available spell slot (highest level available) from the target and restore a used spell slot of your own. You cannot have more than the maximum number of spell slots. If your opponent does not have spell slots available, then there is no effect. Once you use this feature you can not use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Level 10 – Dark Resilience
The power of the sins has begun to take its toll on your physical body, so you appear more sickly and pale. However, being bathed in the energy of the Lords of Sin has given you a resistance to dark energies. You are immune to fear effects, gain advantage on saving throws when charmed or mind controled, and gain resistance to a damage type depending on which sin you have a pact with. Damage from magical or silver weapons ignores this resistance. However, because of your infusion of dark energy, you are now vulnerable to radiant damage.

Greed – Fire Pride: Poison Sloth: Slashing/Crushing/Piercing Gluttony: Necrotic Envy: Force Lust: Psychic Wrath: Cold

Level 14 – Bend the Dark Will
Your years of service to the Lords of Sin have made you their champion and a master of their power. You can channel the Dark Will to command nearby Dark Folk to do your bidding. The effect is the Mass Suggestion spell with some exceptions. First, the range of the spell is increased to 90 feet, it can ONLY affect Dark Folk, negates any effects that make the Dark Folk immune to charm, and all Dark Folk within range of the spell roll with disadvantage to resist the effect. The other exception is that Dark Folk need only be in range of the spell, and do not necessarily have to see you. Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a short or long rest.


Certain invocations depend on which sin you have made your pact with.

Elemental Blast
By channeling the energy of your sin, you can change your eldritch blast damage type from force to the energy of the sin with whom you've made a pact.
Greed – Fire Envy – Lightning Lust – Psychic Pride – Poison Gluttony – Necrotic Sloth – Acid Wrath - Cold

Overwhelming Avarice
Prerequisite: Greed, Level 6
Range: 60 feet
A random creature within range who can see and understand you will suddenly be overcome with feelings of avarice. The creature must make a Wisdom saving throw, or it will covet an item it sees within range, whether it is owned by that creature or another being, or simply laying around. The creature will spend its next action to do whatever it can to obtain the item, short of violence (DM discretion). Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

I like the look of this, I think a few of the pact abilities may be strong and when I have some time later I will try to look at balance a bit more in depth.

Level 6 Greed
I think an attack that can do 17d6 and increase spells by 50% is rather strong. I think the ability to recharge a spell slot is a great one but I think I would reduce it to increases of damage every 2 levels total (10d6), or have it match cantrips where it increases at 11 and 17 but maybe up by 3d6 each time for a total of 9d6.
Depending how it plays you may need to limit the spell slot stealing to once per day.

Level 10
I think gaining radiant vulnerability to gain fear resistance is fair, as the fiend essentially gives you the same resistance to elements.

Level 14
This is ridiculously powerful. I think this needs to be a once a day. First the duration is 24 hours (no concentration) so you can end up controlling multiple groups of dark folk in one day seems exploitable. (Send all the guards in an area north, rest, move forward and repeat). Giving all creatures disadvantage is huge as is removing charm immunitites. A warlock with 20 charisma I think would have over an 80% chance of convincing the dweller to do as he wanted for 24 hours. At minimum creatures that are immune should have advantage on the save. I think you also need to limit it to 12 creatures as mass suggestion does. Otherwise being in the middle of a war camp you can use it to convince almost an entire army (180ft diameter) to change direction etc. If you want to keep it at this power level it definitely needs to become a ritual/once a week/month sort of thing.

Elemental Blast
Seems good, gives you utility though it may not be as strong as Agonizing Blast that adds charisma damage as very few creatures are immune/resistant to force damage as it is. Also agonizing blast is really strong so maybe that should not be the base to compare to and you can always take both.

Overwhelming Avarice
Seems reasonable and could lead to some entertaining RPing, watching the orc use his action to beg the bard for his cloak would be funny. I am not sure it needs to be a random creature (whoops charmed your barbarian into coveting the rock at the bottom of the lake) and I do not think letting the warlock chose the target would be to strong since they only lose an action, or is this meant to be something that occurs as a free action randomly through the day? The wording could use some clarification.

Anyways just my two cents.

*Edit to slightly increase damage of greed though not as high as original.

First, I really like this idea! Making a pact with a Lord of Sin is a cool idea, and a very dangerous one. I think WhoEvr makes very valid comments. I will make some adjustments also, but this seems worthy of a future update.


Originally Posted by Farland View Post
First, I really like this idea! Making a pact with a Lord of Sin is a cool idea, and a very dangerous one. I think WhoEvr makes very valid comments. I will make some adjustments also, but this seems worthy of a future update.
Exactly! I'm reworking the powers right now, they're a bit too buffed up (especially the level 14) but it's on the general right track. Essentially, there is an invocation that mimics the sins lair power which I can write a bit later, but this is a good general skeleton. We have a warlock playing now that uses this pact, and it adds a lot to game play. Of course, he is keeping his identity secret. The pact is super dangerous indeed.

Post the rework and we will talk publication.

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