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Mynd's Eye - Rerecruiting

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Mynd's Eye - Rerecruiting

Mynd's Eye - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

Mynd's Eye is rerecruiting, if you couldn't gleam that from the title.

Right then, down to business. Mynd's Eye, if you didn't see the original game ad, is a homebrew game made of my homebrew, your homebrew, and that shady guy down the street's homebrew. Err....maybe not his. If you show it, I will take it, unless I deem it broken (The old thread, located here, had several such instances)

GM/DM: Me, myself, and (possibly) I
Books Allowed: All. As long as you specify where the things came from. In rare cases, I will disallow things.

Stat Generation: 7m4d6v1 or 36 point buy. If you choose dice, you take the best 6 of the 7 rolls. You may only switch to 36 point if your bonuses are less than +4, or none are higher than 13. I will not accept rolls made in this thread. You will find the rolls thread here.
Level: 1
Hp: Max
Gold: 100
Traits: Up to two
Flaws: Up to one

There are not 42 spots. If you apply, you probably will be accepted, unless your spelling/use of the shift key/etc. is horrendous. I do not want to see posts in chatspeak or 1337speak, S.V.P.


Game Description:

A world where anything can happen. This fledgling world is not like those other worlds. It toes the line, steps over it, and does a damn pole vault over it too. Welcome, the land of homebrew awaits.

A mind wasted is a terrible thing - Mindflayer Proverb

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Im interested, although I have no idea where to roll the stats... im looking to play a Gnome maybe a ranger or fighter... not sure yet... any suggestions?

Originally Posted by laccident View Post
Two questions for existing feats to be homebrewed:

Rapid Reload --> compatible with firearms. From standard action reload --> swift. Reasoning for this is the move action reload turns into free, full-action turns to move, so the standard action reload is in between them two, so I assume swift would be fair enough.

Since the name of Warblade won't make any sense, can I just call it Warshooter or something like that. Oh, and to recover maneuvers, change that one line that says 'spend a swift action after making a standard melee attack' to 'after a standard ranged attack.'
Could I just confirm these are alright, since nothing was said on them.

Got a bit delayed but app to come tomorrow.

Sorry for the long post but I don't know how else to post a character sheet, I made this one using the 3.5 gen at so the ability scores are rolled at random, since again I couldn't figure out how to roll on this site.

@laccident - realize that the feat was made before swift and immediate actions, but how about this?
Gun Reload [General]
Prerequisites: Proficency with selected firearm
Benefit: Reduce time to reload from a standard action to a move action with selected firearm.

This is only because, at this time, gunpowder has not been packed into the bullet casing - rather, it comes when you buy the bullets, but you must pour the stuff yourself. This feat shows your proficency with pouring rough measurements of gunpowder in.

Be sure to remove your bonus feat from the flaw.

Name: Avery Stark
Race: Human
Class: Warshooter (just renamed Warblade)
Alignment: TN
Description: Stark is a tall man who maintains a bored expression on his face. He has long and unkept brown hair, with his left eye covered by some manner of eye-patch. He's build somewhat lanky, but this is largely corrected by a long white coat, with a collar of expensive golden fur, which he has been seen to wear at all times. A holster hangs from his hip, concealed by the coat when its buttoned up, the holster being large and having seperate compartments for a blood red firearm, similarly coloured bullets and a satchel of gunpowder - mysterious weapons that the origins are unknown of, and that he remains tight-lipped about. Under his coat he wears a formal shirt and waistcoat, making it appear as if he was a noble or something of the sort.. though his gruff appearance doesn't look the part..

Personality: Avery has long since ditched his first name and hasn't talked about his past in as many years, including any family he may have had, the origins of his deadly pistol, or the name of any who trained him in the Black Rain discipline. He is lazy and generally dislikes to talk, being unenthusiastic about conflict, which is what he pessimistically deems all actions to lead to. Still, he has confidence in his own abilties, and always ends up coerced into a difficult situation.. but despite outward protests, he's well prepared.

Homebrew: Black rain discipline, gun reload.

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